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  • Lustful Shores Tower Defense

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    An insidious warlock by the name Nakzath is conquering old kingdoms with his armies of monsters. You are leading a small group of experienced soldiers, trying to sneak past the warlock's defenses and eliminate him. Need a little boost? Pre-Register now for a special launch day gift to assist you in battle!

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  • Pre-register for Tits of Fury! Action Adventure

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    After the 'Intelligent Mechanical Crisis', only a small number of humans survived. Build relationships between you and the chariot girls, fighting together against the intelligent machinery to save humanity. Pre-register today and start building those relationships now!

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  • Pre-register for Soul Senki! Action Adventure

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    Long Ago, the weapons of heroes turned into adultified "battle souls"; those who can control "battle souls" with their will are called "battle soul masters". Using this ability, the "battle soul masters" became the factions that dominated countless battlefields. But now, the warriors are dragging the whole world into their war. Pre-register for Soul Senki today!

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