About Nutaku

The World’s Fastest Growing Adult Gaming Platform

The Nutaku team was brought together by a shared passion: adult indie gaming! As both players and developers, we created our site in the belief that gamers should be free to enjoy high quality titles from around the world, uncensored and in English. Whether artists, programmers, designers, or managers, every employee at Nutaku is first and foremost a gamer.

A Revolution in Adult Gaming

Nutaku is the first English-language game platform dedicated to adult titles. With a talented team of website developers and media specialists, we provide game makers a comprehensive distribution platform that offers unparalleled options for bringing their products to market. As the adult gaming scene grows, Nutaku will be the premier destination for players and developers to discuss games, organize communities, and collaborate on upcoming projects.

How Nutaku Works

Our company provides a host of services for game developers, ranging from well-established studios to newly created startups. We offer translation, hosting, 24/7 website support, and monetization services, in addition to highly developed marketing campaigns across the largest adult and gaming sites on the web.

    Independent developers host their games on Nutaku. They handle all in-game content.

    Nutaku is the platform on which developers distribute their games.

    Nutaku's vibrant community of players are our most valuable resource