Upcoming games

  • Blush Blush Uncut Action Adventure

    Preregister for Blush Blush UNCUT

    After a magical accident that's largely your fault, a herd of hawt steamy guys have been transformed into animals. Only your love can break the curse! Coming soon to Nutaku!

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  • Iolite Link Action Adventure

    A Pirate Odyssey Awaits

    Preregister for Iolite Link today to receive crystals, aqua dolls, and bonus AP potions on launch day! Enter a world of vast blue waters and countless islands. Ride your swordfish through the Levia Wall!

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  • Ninja Maidens Casual

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    The Great Darkness has risen from the east and young kunoichi Mayu is the only hope of her people. Now Mayu needs your help in defeating the evil empress Kitsumi. Preregister for Ninja Maidens today for amazing rewards when the game launches!

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