Upcoming games

  • Magicami DX RPG

    Do you believe in limitless possibility?

    The streets of Tokyo have been overrun by mysterious demons! It's up to Omnis and a rag-tag group of girls who must transform into magical girls and put a stop to these monsters and save the world from destruction. Coming soon to Android and PC! Pre-Register now for your chance to win NUTAKU GOLD!

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  • Pre-Register for Busty Biz Idle

    Pre-Register for Busty Biz

    What would you do if you learned that you are the only heir and descendant of the old noble family of the Fuckaroys? Right! You do everything you can to match your ancestors and revive the legacy. Pre-Register now to get a head start on the action!

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  • Pre-Register for Versus Tales X! RPG

    Pre-Register for Versus Tales X!

    You, an ordinary man who possesses tremendous power, are the only one who can bring back balance to the fairy-tale world of Otogiland! Pre-Register today for some free rewards!

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  • Sexy Airlines Pre-Registration Casual

    Sexy Airlines Pre-Registration

    Ever dreamed about banging a flight attendant? Can't take your eyes off that sexy uniform during the security demonstration? If so... GET HYPED and Pre-Register for Sexy Airlines today for some amazing rewards when the game launches this summer!

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