Gold Recharge Subscription

Enjoy free bonus gold and additional benefits when selecting one of our subscription plans

Currently, only credit cards are available as a payment method for subscriptions. Please change your selected payment method to one of these.
+ 196 more worldwide payment methods
Nutaku now supports additional payment options to purchase Gold via OffGamers!
  • Select and purchase a Nutaku Gold option from the OffGamers website.
  • After finishing your purchase, get your Nutaku Gold Code on your order detail page.
  • Select Redeem Reward Code below and enter your Nutaku Gold code to have the purchased gold value added to your balance.
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Here's what you can buy with Nutaku Gold

Nutaku Gold is exclusive currency that can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your gaming experience. Gold can help you achieve new things in games, such as level-up characters, increase stamina, collect rare items and upgrades, and much more! You can even purchase paid games with Gold. Take advantage of our great offers and watch as Nutaku Gold takes your gaming to the next level.

In-app Purchases

Ignite your adult gaming experience by using Nutaku Gold to recharge, customize, and expand on what our free-to-play games have to offer. Discover new ways to play and complete your collection by exchanging your gold for in-game content.

Paid Games

Unable to pay for Nutaku's paid games via credit card? No problem! Acquire some Nutaku Gold from one of our many currency processing options and use it to spice up your adult game library!

Nutaku Gold FAQ
  • What is Gold?
    Nutaku Gold is a premium currency used to make purchases within Nutaku that enhance the adult gaming experience. You can purchase Nutaku Gold from the Gold Store using a variety of payment options.
  • What can I buy with Gold?
    Gold can be used to complete purchases in Nutaku games, as well as to purchase games from the Nutaku Paid Games store. In-game purchases may include gameplay bonuses, cosmetic items, characters, and game expansions.
  • Does Gold expire?
    If you have paid for Nutaku Gold, it expires after 365 days. Gold acquired from the signup bonus, contests, and other promotional campaigns will expire after 180 days.
  • What's the difference between Gold and in-game currency?
    In-game, or soft, currency is bound to one game, whereas Nutaku Gold can be spent in any game found on Nutaku.
  • I bought gold, how can I tell how much I have?
    Nutaku Gold is displayed on the header menu (top right corner) of the Nutaku website, on the sidebar menu of the Nutaku Desktop Client, and in the 'Me' section of the Nutaku Mobile Application.
  • Can I get Gold for Free?
    Yes! By Verifying your email after signing up you'll instantly receive 200 Gold. You can also earn up to 300 Nutaku Gold for referring friends who make a purchase! All you have to do is have them sign up using your referral link, your link can be found on the My Referrals page.

    Also, we regularly run contests on our social media pages where you can win free gold for participating! Check out the links below to subscribe!

    Twitter | Facebook | Discord | Instagram |
  • Why is my purchase pending?
    Occasionally when trying to purchase Nutaku Gold or Paid Games, your transaction may not be completed right away due to many factors that are outside of our control, such as the payment method used or current problems with your financial institution/account.

    In these cases your purchase will be put on the “Pending Purchase” state, indicating that it requires more time in order for it to be processed (often a few hours or days). You will receive an email whenever one of your purchases is pending, as well as an email once the purchase is processed indicating if it was successful or if it failed.

    You will only receive your purchased item (game or Nutaku Gold) once your purchase is successful. Please note that pending purchases currently can’t be canceled, and are only available for the purchase of Nutaku Gold Packages in the Gold Store and Paid Games.

    If you believe that your purchase is pending for too long, we recommend that you first reach out to your financial institution for clarifications. If they are unable to provide you assistance or clarifications, feel free to contact our customer support.
Gold Recharge Subscription FAQ
  • What is the Gold Recharge Subscription program? What does “Beta” mean?
    The Gold Recharge program is an optional paid subscription service that allows users to receive recurrent benefits.

    Immediately upon registration and then once a month, you will be automatically billed and receive an amount of Nutaku Gold based on your subscription plan. This Gold amount is larger than comparable Gold Packages for the same price available in our Gold store. Additionally, you will also receive other ongoing benefits while you continue being subscribed, such as entry into exclusive contests and digital goodies (for a complete list, please refer to the Gold Recharge Subscription program page).

    We are currently treating the Gold Recharge Subscription program as being on a “Beta” stage, as we are still working on additional features for it. We plan to release exciting new features in the near future, and will let our subscribed users know well in advance about them.
  • What are the differences between the subscription plans?
    The Gold Recharge Subscription program currently has three different plans that you can pick from:
    • Basic
    • Plus
    • Ultimate

    Each plan has a different cost and gives subscribers a different amount of bonus gold. Higher cost plans will provide more bonus gold compared with lower cost ones. Additionally, each plan has a unique badge associated with it that users can feature on their profile pages.

    Besides different gold amounts and badges, there are no other differences between subscription plans. All plans provide the same ongoing benefits and follow the same rules.

  • How can I pay for my subscription?
    For the payment of Gold Recharge Subscription plans, we currently accept most major credit cards as well as several local payment methods. Local payment methods availability may differ from region to region. We're always looking to add new payment options, so other payment methods may be accepted in the future.
  • When do I receive my monthly subscription Gold?
    When starting a new subscription, you will receive the entirety of your monthly Gold amount immediately after subscribing. While you continue being subscribed, future Gold deposits will happen every month, or more specifically, every 30 days from the date of your initial subscription.

    Note that if you have recently requested to change your current subscription plan, you will still receive your gold on your original scheduled Gold deposit/billing date, which is based on the day you started your subscription, as mentioned above. For example, if your next Gold deposit is scheduled for the 15th of the month, but before that date you have requested to change your plan, your Gold deposit will still only happen on the 15th (with the corresponding values of your new plan).

    Gold received from any subscription plan is available for use with no delay.
  • When do I get billed for my subscription?
    You get automatically billed whenever you receive the Gold rewards associated with your subscription:

    • When starting a new subscription, you will receive the entirety of your monthly Gold amount immediately after subscribing.
    • While you continue being subscribed, future Gold deposits will happen every next month, or more specifically, every 30 days from the date of your initial subscription.

    If you have recently requested to change your current subscription plan, you will only be charged when you receive the new monthly Gold amount. Your new monthly Gold amount follows the same original scheduled Gold deposit/billing date of your previous subscription.

  • What are all the benefits included with my subscription?
    Your Gold Recharge Subscription include the following monthly benefits:

    • Nutaku Gold: immediately after subscribing and once per month, receive Nutaku Gold and bonus Free Gold. Gold amounts and Free Gold depend on the plan you are subscribed to.
    • Subscriber Badge: get access to your own subscriber badge, based on the plan you have subscribed to. You can showcase your badge on your profile pages.
    • Free Gold Codes: these gold codes allow you to purchase Gold Packages at a discounted price or to receive bonus gold on your purchases of Gold Packages.
    • Exclusive Contests: these are additional competitions and draws organized by Nutaku exclusive to subscribed members, greatly increasing your chances of winning. You have the chance to compete with other subscribers, showcasing your luck and/or skill, and get prizes such as games or packs full of Nutaku Gold.
    • Digital Goodies: every month receive exclusive digital gifts available only to subscribers, such as pc/mobile wallpapers, exclusive arts, short animations, among others. Gifts are decided on a month-by-month basis.

    Nutaku Gold and badges are awarded immediately upon being billed. Other benefits are ongoing, being delivered throughout the month to your connected email account. We strongly recommend that you verify your email account to guarantee receiving your email rewards. You can also subscribe to our Push Notifications if you want to be notified whenever rewards are sent.

    All subscription plans provide the same ongoing benefits.

  • Where can I see information about my subscription?
    In order to see the more details about your current subscription, including your subscriber badge and scheduled Gold deposit/billing dates, please navigate to the Subscription Page in your profile.
  • Can I change my subscription plan?
    Yes, at any time you can change your current subscription. This includes going from a lower cost subscription to a higher one (in other words, upgrading your subscription) or from a higher cost subscription to a lower one (in other words, downgrading your subscription). To change your subscription, simply head to the Subscription Page in your profile, and select a new subscription in the “Choose a Gold Recharge Subscription” section.

    Please note that any changes you make to your subscription will only take effect on your next scheduled Gold deposit/billing date. You can find this information on the “My Current Subscription” section on the Subscription Page in your profile
  • If I change subscriptions, when will I start receiving the benefits of my new one?
    Any changes you make to your subscription will only take effect on your next scheduled Gold deposit/billing date. In other words, if you have recently changed your subscription plan, you will only receive the Gold values of your new subscription at that date. You can find your scheduled Gold deposit/billing date on the “My Current Subscription” section on the Subscription Page in your profile.

    All other benefits are ongoing and shared between all plans, so you should continue to receive them as long as you stay subscribed on any plan.
  • Can I subscribe for more than a single plan?
    No. You can only subscribe to a single plan at any given time.

    If you are currently subscribed to a plan and attempt to subscribe to another one, you will instead change your subscription to that plan on your next scheduled Gold deposit/billing date.
  • Do I need to stay subscribed for an amount of time?
    Subscriptions are charged on a month-by-month basis. Upon being billed, you receive the immediate rewards associated with your subscription and any ongoing rewards for the rest of the month.

    There is no minimum number of months that users are required to subscribe to. You can stay for as long as you wish.
  • How do I cancel my subscription plan?
    You can cancel your subscription any time by going to the Subscription Page in your profile, and interacting with the “Cancel Subscription” option.

    After requesting to cancel your subscription, you will not be charged and will not receive the Gold amount you would receive on your next scheduled Gold deposit/billing date. You will still preserve all other ongoing benefits until that date. For more information regarding cancellations, please refer to our Cancellation Policy.
  • How do I change my payment method?
    If for any reason you would like to update or change your payment method, go to the Subscription Page in your profile and interact with the “Update Payment Method” option.

    You will also be automatically prompted to update your payment method if the renewal of your subscription fails for any reason on your scheduled Gold deposit/billing date.
  • My subscription didn’t renew automatically! What should I do?
    If you are currently subscribed to any plan, you will be automatically billed on your scheduled Gold deposit day. However, if for any reason your subscription renewal isn’t successful, you will be placed under a grace period.

    During the grace period you will still preserve your current ongoing benefits, and will have 7 days to update your payment method. Note, however, that you will not receive your next monthly Gold reward during the grace period. Upon successfully updating your payment method, you will be immediately billed and will receive your monthly Gold reward. Also, your next scheduled Gold deposit/billing will continue to take into consideration your original subscription date (in other words, we pretend that you paid at the correct date all along).

    If you are having problems paying for your subscription, we recommend that you first contact your bank/financial institution. If you are struggling to pay due to a problem on the website, please contact our Account Support team.

    If you are unable to successfully update your payment method, your subscription will be automatically cancelled at the end of the grace period, and you will lose access to all your ongoing benefits. You will need to manually start a new subscription, which will have new scheduled Gold deposit/billing dates.
  • What should I do if I have a technical problem with my subscription plan?
    Please contact our Account Support if you are having problems with the purchase of your subscription plan or if you are having any other problems with your existing subscription.
  • I have been banned/suspended. What will happen to my subscription?
    If your account has been banned or suspended while you have an active subscription, your subscription will be automatically cancelled. In other words, your subscription will not be renewed and you will not be charged on your next scheduled billing date. Additionally, you will lose access to all other ongoing benefits.
  • Can I transfer my subscription gold or plan to another account?
    No. Your current subscription and your subscription Gold cannot be transferred to another user's account.