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At Nutaku you can find our growing collection of the greatest lesbian sex games available in the industry! There are tons of different gameplay genres to pick, from RPGs to Beat’em up and Adventure games. And make sure to stick around when playing these games, as the further you progress the more high quality sex scenes you unlock!

Starting around the 80s, mainstream games started to slowly recognize same-sex romantic and sexual relationships, particularly of lesbian characters. Unfortunately, initial depiction of these characters and relationships was unrealistic, presented in a negative light, and often led to a tragic end. Games released overseas that contained lesbian content were also commonly censored when imported to Western countries, with dialogue changed to reflect a friendly relationship between female characters, rather than a romantic one.

Games have now improved in the way which same-sex relationship of female characters is presented. Unfortunately, these characters and their stories are still rarely highlighted as a main component of the gameplay or narrative. The presence of games that feature female protagonists in general has also been historically low, which further hinders the emergence, visibility, and possibility of such relationships receiving more importance.

However, one particular Japanese genre, Yuri, has long focused on exploring the sexual and romantic relationship between women. The genre is also known as Girl’s Love, with games where the main protagonist is lesbian, with gameplay and narrative specifically focusing on their relationship with other female characters. These games are often developed for the female audience, and thus characters and relationships are more likely to be representative. The current popularity of Yuri games has not been limited only to asian countries, leading to the development and release of new titles influenced by it on western markets.

Nutaku is proud to publish games that present and highlight lesbian characters, and we are continuously making the effort to continue to bring new high quality lesbian sex games to our catalog. If you only want to see games that feature female-female relationships, now you can use our preference selector located on the top right corner of the website to filter the entire content of the website based on it. We are also always on the lookout for new great lesbian games, so if you have developed one or has a favorite that is currently missing from the website, reach us out through the contact page!
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