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  • Fake Lay Clicker

    Get Ready to Get Lewd in the Newest Clicker on Coming to Nutaku: Fake Lay

    Fake Lay is a prefect blending of the clicker and the "Fake" porn genre. Cast girls, give them taxi rides, or visit a massage parlor in this new clicker. Preregister today to get some awesome free rewards and start off you game with a bang when it launches. What are you waiting for?

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  • Throne of Legends Card

    Preregister for Throne of Legends Now and Secure a Few Rare Card: Sublime Justice

    Prepare your deck and get ready for Throne of Legends! The hot, first-of-its-kind strategy card game where winners cum first. Start a free game and play your cards right to summon hot babes, make them fight for you, and dominate your opponents.

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  • Minitary Girls Coming soon! Strategy

    Minitary Girls Coming soon!

    Minitary Girls is an action-packed tank simulation mobile game, which skillfully introduces elements of romantic comedy within a tactical military strategy storyline. As the Commander, you will be introduced to over 40 Military Princesses, each with their unique personality. Win their loyalty, create unbreakable bonds, and enjoy fun moments together. Bask in the glory of battle and let yourself get immersed in this new dimension!

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