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  • Minitary Girls Strategy

    Minitary Girls Is Coming Soon!

    Pre-registration is now open! Minitary Girls is a tank battle simulation mobile game: a mix of card collection, battles and love comedy. In this exciting new Android game you take on the role of the "Commander"and will experience many different kinds of activities including building, battling, nurturing and training units.

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  • Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena Action Adventure

    Taimanin Asagi -Battle Arena- Pre-Registration Begins!

    All users who pre-register from today will receive the exclusive SR card: [Lightning Bolt] Yukikaze Mizuki! The game is planned to launch at the end of September 2018. Add Yukikaze to your deck from the get-go and raise your team's strength!

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  • Cosmic Shock League Is Coming Soon! Puzzle

    Pre-Register For Cosmic Shock League NOW!

    Coming Fall 2018! Help the Cosmic Shock Girls understand their past and unlock their deepest sexual desires. Delve into the sexiest interstellar battleground in the known universe. Pre-release version is now available in select countries!

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  • Planes of Eros RPG

    Planes of Eros is Coming to Nutaku in September

    An all new and exciting, anime, high-fantasy, slots, role-playing game! Explore different worlds, collect unique servants, and make love to all types of women! Enjoy fully-animated sex scenes and high-quality nude pictures from never before seen characters! Pre-register NOW for free rewards.

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