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Taps of Eradine

Summary of Game

Featuring characters from Shards of Eradine, this game is a light-hearted adventure through the game’s locations, with exclusive content and encounters. Battle familiar foes like Octodongs and Mrs Crabbyknickers in minion battles, stand up to the waves of Super Bosses – but watch out for the Treasure Whores!

Key Features

● Over 40 Nymphs to unlock and evolve!
● Tons of amazing H-scenes!
● Daily Bonuses for playing - what will the Spin of Win bring for you?!
● Over 200 Unique Artworks to unlock!
● Custom Cosmo with Item Drops and Boosters!
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Game Information
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  • Download Size:
    94.51 mb
  • Release Date:
    November 22, 2017

News and Updates

2019/09/13 Upto 75% Off Mini Sale
So, I wanted to launch a quick event giving away a few of the historic "Best Of" items over the next few days as a thank you for still playing and bearing with us when shit like today happens but James old PC that does the Android build is needed to do a banner SO... instead, everything and I mean everything is half price in the shop and Gahder Goods for the next 72 hours.

Also, as an added the bonus, the Ultimate Starter Pack is now only 500 Nutaku Gold for 72 hours only, so you not only can get this at a great price, you can then pick up the events at 50% off their lowered USP price thereafter!

Ill also be launching the first of the new animated artwork events next week too, so its a good chance to pick the USP up in anticipation of the return of regular events in Taps!

Now, I need a drink as today has been awful! Enjoy!
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2019/03/15 St Paddys Day Fun is now Live!
Let's get Ramboed!
15th March 2019
Event Launch (New Nymph and Artwork)
The St Paddys Day event is now live, including a sexy new lady of Eradine!
She brings with her 6 new pieces of Artwork to unlock, as well as a bunch of new items to get Cosmo Drunk.
Not forgetting Cosmo's new fancy outfit to help find the gold at the end of the rainbow

Del and the CryptidTech Leprechauns
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2019/02/13 Valentines Day Event
Animated Hentai Scenes are A-Go-Go!
13th February 2019
Event Launch (Animated Hentai scene, Valentines Items)
We promised animated hentai scenes and almost a year later, we deliver on that promise!
The Valentines Day event is the first to include a fully animated sex scene and can be unlocked via the usual places for Frea herself!
Also included in this event are some Valentines Day inspired items, and a cherub outfit exclusive for Premium too!
But importantly, its all about the animation.... and those eyes! Those eyes at the end of the scene scream nothing but love!
Del and the CryptidTech Lovers
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