Taps of Eradine is a free action-packed idle clicker for web (Android app coming soon after launch), filled with monster battles and sexy girls to unlock. With over 40 nymphs to recruit, all featuring 3 stages of evolution and multiple erotic artworks to unlock, tapping girls has never been so fun!

  • 40+ Nymphs to Recruit!
  • Over 200 Unique Artworks to unlock!
  • Coming soon: Dungeon Mode Featuring Exclusive Content!
  • 100,000 Gold
  • Squid and Tiger Nymphs Unlocked!
  • 3x Daily Spin Tokens
  • 3x Fire and 3x Water Shards (used to upgrade Squid and Tiger)
  • 3x Heart of Eradine (+1 more from the tutorial)

Featuring characters from Shards of Eradine, this game is a light-hearted adventure through the game’s locations, with exclusive content and encounters. Battle familiar foes like Octodongs and Mrs Crabbyknickers in minion battles, stand up to the waves of Super Bosses – but watch out for the Treasure Whores!

  • The helpful sidekick of Cosmo, Frea is a cheeky yet caring nymph that isn’t afraid to speak her mind or call you an idiot either.

    Attributes: Cuteness / Cheeky / Loving
    Element: Electric
    Special Move: The Shocker
  • Stalking her prey, the majestic Tiger girl is a fierce and fiery ally. Her razor-sharp claws inflict devastating wounds!

    Attributes: Determined / Aggressive / Loyal
    Element: Fire
    Special Move: Eyes of the Tiger
  • Slippery when wet, the Squid girl can inflict multiple attacks on the enemy with her tentacles. Watch out, enemies - she’s a squirter!

    Attributes: Illusive / Meek / Protective
    Element: Water
    Special Move: Tentacle Prawn
  • A vicious and devious little bitch, the Scorpion girl is as deadly as she is seductive. More than one foe has underestimated her powerful tail!

    Attributes: Spiteful / Destructive / Militant
    Element: Dark
    Special Move: Ring Sting