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Sexy Airlines

Publisher: Playduction

Developer: Playduction

Summary of Game

Sexy Airlines is a management idle game in which you manage an airline to become both rich and lucky. Upgrade planes to earn more money, unlock new destinations to hire more flight attendants and send them gifts to receive numerous sexy pictures and animations.
Come fly with us!

Key Features

● Manage your own airline and date sexy flight attendants from around the world!
● Upgrade your planes to earn more money and increase your CEO level with each reset
● Unlock +12 Destinations with +24 Flight attendants - hire hot girls from Paris, Rome and Prague to New York, Cape Town and Tokyo, each with their unique personality
● +5 message threads per flight attendant unlock numerous sexy pictures and animations centered around aviation - are you always a gentleman or will you naughty messages get them into your bed?
● Rankings and regular events
● Free to Play, uncensored
● Playable on PC and Mobile
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Game Information
  • Languages:
    Deutsch, English, it, Français, Español
  • Version:
  • Download Size:
    81.23 mb
  • Release Date:
    September 22, 2020

News and Updates

2021/02/13 The Singapore Gang Bang is live!
Lunar New Year Greetings once again, everyone!!
We’ve decided to add more juice to in-game festival celebrations and have therefore opened up Singapore (SIN) as an event destination for our lovely ladies to enjoy for a week. Our oriental bombshells have a scintillating group picture ready to be unveiled by you along with three event threads, some of which tie in with Valentine’s Day celebrations, so that our romantic Casanovas aren’t left out. Find more details in the changelog below.

Singapore Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day Event (Duration: 12/02/21 - 18/02/21)
► The new SIN event destination with its own separate slot so you don’t have to save up on slots anymore!!
► SIN Event Animated Group Picture with 5 girls and their respective poses brought to life and other in-game goodies that can be unlocked via upgrading the flight level of the SIN event plane.
► 3 SIN Event Threads with corresponding pictures focusing on the Lunar New Year as well as Valentine’s Day. Collect our Event items (Lanterns) to unlock these pictures.
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2021/02/11 Welcome to Shanghai!
China is now open for travel!! We’ve setup PVG as our new regular destination in this new build with 2 new sexy Chinese FAs to help you manage it. In addition to this, The Lunar New Year celebrations have encouraged some of our Asian FAs to don some fire-cracking festival wear that you can unlock using event items. Thank you for all your unwavering support so far!! May the year of the Ox bring you prosperity in your gaming pursuits!! Xinnian Kuaile, Everyone!!

Lunar New Year Event (Duration: 11/02/2020 - 18/02/2020)
- New regular destination (PVG) located in China on the World map available to those who have reached level 50.
- 2 New Chinese FAs, Angel and Candy.
- 8 Lunar New Year costumes (for Haruka, Kiki, Thida, Malee, Minji, Candy, Angel, Ritsu) that can be unlocked using Special event items
- LNY Event luggage and packs available in the shop.
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2020/12/31 Start new year with a bang!
Hello everyone,
Bela promised to start the year with a bang and a gang bang we deliver!

You can now unlock gifts, boosters and five couples the couples in the fourth picture of "Ski Belas" gallery after you hire her in Oslo by upgrading the respective plane as much as you can. Make sure to fly to Oslo with the plane that gives you the best upgrade chance in your level range (as it varies over time), consider selling items you no longer need or maximize your income in other ways.

Check the shop for some special offers over the next few days and we also added the ability to trade fireworks for XMas costumes in case some of you missed out. Make sure you claim all costumes and unlock all message threads as well as the gang bang until January 4th 7am UTC!

With that the Playduction Team wants to say thank you for your support in 2020. We know not everything went smooth but we are learning from mistakes and have many new things planned for the upcoming year. But until 4th of January we are off so expect fewer replies on Discord and more time to have your support tickets answered.
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