Benkei A mighty priestess with impressive spiritual and physical powers. However, her lifestyle is far from being chaste. She seems to spend all her time hanging out with men, which, according to her, is an important spiritual practice. Ultimate Ability: Devil’s Rebirth Deals damage to the target and temporary turns it into a devilish matter. Negative effects are disabled with the effect.
Richard I Fearless female knight, goes under the nickname of the “Lion Heart”. She values honor, but doesn’t do well in a team. Romantic talks always make her blush. Ultimate Ability: Lion Heart Taunts the enemy. Decreases incoming damage with some chance. Deals phys. damage to all enemies.
Zenobia The queen of the Palmyrene Empire who outgoes Cleopatra both in virtue and bravery. A self-confident girl dreaming about true love. Her perfect swordsman skills allow her to stay relaxed in the face of danger. Though she often uses strong language and easily loses her temper, you can consider her a good and caring friend. Ultimate Ability: Meteor Strike Deals a cutting strike at an unbelievable speed.
Jeanne d'Arc A hero of the Hundred Years' War. She is a pure and virtuous girl. Personal appearance and social statutes of a person mean nothing to her, but she can’t forgive injustice. She has been a bit lost right after the summoning, but fighting with the team makes her believe in the idea of self-devotion again. However, romance is not her thing at all. Ultimate Ability: Visitation Attacks with divine power and cause short stunning effect.
Marie Antoinette An delicate girl with a strong sense of right and wrong. Raised as a precious gem, she is very dependent on others and can hardly deal with every day duties. Though she tries her hard to be useful, she often fails. People are often prejudiced against her because of her royal status, but she chooses not to worry about it and treats everybody kindly. Ultimate Ability: Total Recovery Restores a large part of the team’s HP.