My Naughty Tales

Visual Novel Simulation Adventure

My Naughty Tales is not just a game but a complete platform for all your desires.

About My Naughty Tales

My Naughty Tales is not just a game but a complete platform for all your desires.
You can download the game and start playing the included "University Life" tale.
Accompany Bill as he tells you all about his lucky time on College scoring many beautiful girls and meeting the love of his life.

The included Visual Novel was created using the same tools you'll have at your disposal in the game!
After you enjoy the Story you can create your own any way you like, add multiple story arcs, assemble multiple scenarios, select from many girls, or add puzzles to challenge anyone who'll play!
Your tales can be shared and you can also download new tales made by other players.
You can customize single scenes and use them to play the included puzzles, the game will automatically create puzzles based on the scenes and girls you select.
After you finish a puzzle you enter the free camera mode, take pictures of the girls that go straight to your Gallery.

Use graphics effects to take the perfect picture, and feel free to share them too!
The Gallery mode is also unlimited, add any image file from your computer or the internet, after they are added you can also just press a button and have a puzzle generated using it immediately!
The game has full support for new content, download and install new Scenes or Girls from the community!

Multiple 3D girls included waiting for you, each with her own style, casual clothes, cosplay clothes, big tits, small tits, tattoos, blondes, brunettes, we have everything!
My Naughty Tales is endless fun! You'll hardly need another game!

Key Features

-Complete Story Editor, supporting story arcs, challenges, dialog and customized scenes with any number of girls.
-Scene Editor that allows you to make any scene and then use it for any puzzle!
-The girls can be positioned anywhere, and there are many poses and expressions to choose from. You can also change how much clothing they wear anytime.
-5 puzzle modes, mini-games that will entertain you while you look at all those beautiful girls.
-An Gallery Mode that accepts any image, from the game or anywhere else, that will also automatically generate puzzles for you.
-A girl for every taste!
-Optimized for PC, adjust every setting, resolution, fps, many post processing effects, controls, audio...
-Can be played with one hand, and has an emergency key you can press to minimize it ;)

Game Information

System Requirements

Windows System Requirement:
OS: Windows 7+
Processor: Dual Core 2 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 4600 (AMD or
NVIDIA equivalent)
DirectX Version 11+ or OpenGL
2+ or Vulkan