Legends Of Elmora

Visual Novel Adventure

A mystical wilderness awaits you... if you dare.

About Legends Of Elmora

Journey through the mysterious land of Elmora where every forestial corner brings forth adventure and magic. The breathtaking landscape may rob you of breath, but the land’s inhabitants will surely capture your heart.

The girls are alluring, desirable and of course, supernatural since they all hail from Elmora. You may encounter magical sirens and minotaurs, and even witches and nymphs. They are unique in both their allure and their motivation. Some are sweet-natured and will provide you guidance for your quest through Elmora. The others have more evil intentions and they may try to ensnare you into a trap for their own devious purposes!

You will need every ounce of self-control as you attempt to divide the friends from the foes. If you let solely your desire guide, you might be compelled to mind your step lest you fall into the hands of a bloodthirsty nymph.

Elmora, at first glance, may have seemed like a serene haven but the truth of it is that it’s the epitome of your darkest desires.

Key Features

- Visual Novel
- Kinetic adventure
- Developed by The Richards Nights
- NSFW patch
- Dynamic artwork
- Lifelike animations

Game Information

System Requirements

Windows System Requirements:

• CPU: 1.8GHz Dual-Core CPU
• RAM: 4 GB
• OS: Windows 7
• Video Card: Integrated graphics
• Disk Space: 90MB