Legends Of Elmora

Visual Novel Adventure

Adventure through a beautiful wilderness setting and meet a slew of kinky, magical girls along the way.

About Legends Of Elmora

Your journey through Elmora will have you crossing paths with girls of all sorts: some will be sweet and welcoming, offering you crucial aid on your quest. Others may seek to ensnare and enslave you, using you to fulfil their own dark desires.
In Legends of Elmora, your dick will be your ultimate guide. Will it land you with the girl of your dreams--or are you destined to be used as a helpless fuck-thing for a more powerful woman?

Key Features

● Kinetic Novel
● 5 locations featuring high quality landscape artwork
● 5 lively, supernatural girls with different sexual fetishes
● Dynamic artwork (Chests and asses that bounce!)
● 5 Uncensored fuckscenes
● No DRM

Game Information

System Requirements

Windows System Requirements:

• CPU: 1.8GHz Dual-Core CPU
• RAM: 4 GB
• OS: Windows 7
• Video Card: Integrated graphics
• Disk Space: 90MB