Vixen Clash

Strategy Card Battle RPG

Fight in the Arena, collect cards, play uniquely made 3D characters, use your special abilities and enjoy the lustful adventures of John Strong.

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About Vixen Clash

Fight your way to the top rank by spawning uniquely made 3D Characters and special abilities. Grow your deck, win epic rewards, unlock the lust filled gallery and follow John Strong in his sex craving adventures.

Key Features

- Unique 3D Characters
Spawn 3D characters and plan your strategy around their special abilities;

- 3D Battle Arenas
Unlock new Battle Arenas and fight your way in rankings to win awesome rewards.

- Deck Customization
Customize your deck and unlock new cards to use against opponents.

- Epic Sci-Fi Story
Over 100 number of high quality sex scenes and more coming soon.

News and Updates

New Legendary Unit added
12/11/2018 05:54AM

Hello, Vixen players!

The time has come to introduce you to our double trouble unit called Elite Isa & Bella, unlockable from Arena 1!
They come together at the same time, always, whatever you think this means ;)

This unit can also be found in a special Sale, available starting today, until 24th December.
They also come with some spicy sex scenes, so make sure to grab this hot duo!

-Vixen Clash Team

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Black Friday Sale
11/23/2018 04:08AM

Hello, Vixen players!

It’s Black Friday and we have a special deal just for you with Legendary girls guaranteed, lost of Ingots and many hotties!
Don’t miss out the Sale pack available starting today, until 27th November.

Grab it while it’s Hot!

-Vixen Clash Team

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New Legendary Unit added
11/07/2018 09:22AM

Hello, Vixen players!

We bring you a new legendary unit, Elite Samantha, unlockable right from Arena 1!
This unit can also be found in a special Sale, available starting today, until 20th November.

Elite Samantha comes with some juicy sex scenes, so don’t miss out on this new hottie!

Have fun!
-Vixen Clash Team

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Game Information

System Requirements

Android 6.0 or higher