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Rumblade is a classic style turn-based RPG. The player is on a quest to end the eternal conflict between the Demon Lord and the Great Heroes from the Sengoku Period.

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What's New?

Improvements & Bugfixes

* Improved description for Evo Materials to indicate their source of drop.

* Fixed misc UI localization for Arena.

* Corrected Takeda Shingen’s passive skill description as it only works on Power Explosion.

* Fixed Maeda Keiji and Kikkawa Motoharu’s names in the UI.

* Corrected Izumo no Okuni’s skill cooldown to match the description.

* Fixed the sex scene so it plays automatically when affection is maxed for the first time.

* Fixed an error in the tips for Quarry and Mines.

About Rumblade

Demon lord Mara has possessed the once great hero Akechi Mitsuhide to bring wraith to mankind. The time has come for you to strike at evil's heart with your harem made by sexy decedents of the Great Heroes from the Sengku Period.

Cute Samurai, fierce battle, and spicy rewards: Nutaku combines all these features to create Rumblade, a turn-based RPG that will entertain players for hours! This captivating RPG is unlike any others, allowing players to indulge themselves in some powerful combat for some truly tantalizing rewards. With sexy Samurai willing to satisfy your every need, players should get ready to battle, bond, and upgrade their ladies so they can unlock some truly spectacular scenarios.

Rumblade isn't your average turn-based RPG; it gives a spicy twist on battle with everything players imagine plus more! With the diverse, bubbly graphics and steamy scenarios, this will surely become the player’s newest addiction! As they progress through the game, players can bond with their female Samurai and experience some seriously intimate moments that will leave them asking for more! After reaching high affection levels, players might get a lucky reward from their Samurai, and can revisit these intimate moments any time under the Giving Gifts section. This delightful feature is helpful and can be accessed at any time by the player by visiting Flirt!

Battle is a large part of Rumblade but it can get tough if players don’t upgrade their Samurai! Luckily, there are many excellent upgrade features players can use to help their Samurai strength increase while in battle such as awakening, evolving, class upgrades, and ability increases, all of which help a players Samurai significantly increase in strength during battle. As they fight through this enchanting story, players are presented with an abundant amount of available activities and adventures and will gather rewards as a result. With each fight they win, players gather precious Evolve Materials which will help them raise the max level cap of their Samurai and give them special boosts on things like attack or speed. Similarly, players may gather Awaken Materials which will help players awaken special abilities. I found these features to be helpful especially once reaching further points of the storyline. While in the beginning your Samurai may do ample damage to your opponent, you may be shocked after your first loss so players should be sure to visit their Samurai and equip any charms to help boost their abilities!

From production in the city to intense battle, there is so much to do a player won’t possibly find the chance to get bored! In battle, players are given the option to set their moves to auto or perform them manually. In both instances, players will surely become hypnotized by the excellent visuals in this game so players should experiment with both and see which they prefer! I found when battling against the Bosses, manually choosing my moves were much more impactful so I suggest the player try that as well!

Overall, I would suggest Rumblade to anyone who enjoys a bit of spice on their turn-based RPG. The game does an excellent job combining intense battle with sensual desires, satisfying fantasy while also meeting the expectation of some entertaining combat! Although battle can get difficult, if players continue to upgrade their Samurai they are sure to succeed in this difficult game! I can assure your first loss will be intimidating but players shouldn’t feel defeated; you’re doing it for your Samurai so try again and don’t give up!

Key Features

Enter the classic turn-based Sex RPG available on PC and Mobile.

Develop Affection with your favorite girls to win their heart. Sex scenes are unlocked when Affection is met.

Complete or Co-op with other players in features such as Raid Boss and Arena

Over 100 stages, Monthly Event Dungeons, and hundreds of hours of game play.

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Game Information

  • Platforms:
  •  Android
  • Version:
  •  1.0
  • Size:
  •  45.8MB
  • Languages:
  • English
  • Release Date:
  •  August 13, 2018
  • Publisher:
  • Developer:

System Requirements

Android OS 5.1.1 or higher.
RAM 3GB or higher
Wi-Fi connection is recommended.