Project QT

Action Adventure

Start in a future where a space virus entered our world through a sub-dimensional gateway. Fight them back with your beautiful team squad and save the world!

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What's New?

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About Project QT

What do a black hole experiment in the Arctic, a gateway to a different dimension and a space virus have in common? A bunch of hot monster girls, that's what!
Join the fight in a world on the verge of chaos, chase after the sexiest schoolgirls this side of the multiverse and fuck your way to victory!

Key Features

- 1 ★ ~ 5 ★ rarity system – evolve your monster girls by using memory fragments!
The higher the rarity, the less clothes your monster girls wear, so upgrade away!
- 8 monster girls available, each with 3~6 Hscene videos!
Unlock their kinky videos by upgrading their Loyalty and Skill levels.
Gifts increase their Skills (duh!), while Seduction Tools make them Loyal to you and only you!
- Interactive Hscenes that are sure to get you going! Make your monster girls cum by tapping the screen in several of their scenes!

News and Updates

Kirara Character release
09/25/2019 08:44AM

Greetings everyone,

Let's give a cheer welcome to our new gyaru girl, Kirara, the most fashionable girl in our school! Kirara's Step-Up Packs are available in Package Shop for you to get her and evolve to 5 star immediately.

Available Period: 25 Sep 05:00 ~ 14 Oct 05:00 EDT

Note: Kirara will be obtainable from Basic Summon, Secret Shop and Chests after 15 Nov 2019

All the best,
Project QT team

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Una Lucky Wheel Event is now live!
09/19/2019 05:09AM

1. Una Lucky Wheel
Don't miss out on the chance to evolve Una to 5★ and unlock her animated H-scene!

2. Una Lucky Pack (65% OFF)
Available in the Package Shop. Purchases are limited to 3 packs per user.

3. Daily Login Reward
Login every day during the event period to get the following rewards for free! You can find them in your mailbox.
- Gems x50
- Spin Coins x 2
- Coins x3000

Login Reward Period: September 19th, 05:00 ~ September 26th, 05:00 EDT

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The Monthly Carnival Event is now live!
09/17/2019 05:03AM

We are very excited to announce that our most popular girl, Giselle, is available for exchange in the Carnival Store!

1. Monthly Carnival
Get Carnival Tokens by completing various missions, then use Tokens to exchange them for Giselle Memory Fragments and other awesome rewards!

2. Carnival Packs - 75% OFF!
Packs full of Carnival Tokens are available in the Package Shop! You can only purchase each pack 3 times.

3. Daily Login Reward
Login every day during the event period to get the following rewards for free! You can find them in your mailbox.
- Gems x50
- Carnival Tokens x800
- Coins Summon Ticket x1
- Coins x3000

Login Reward Period: September 17th, 05:00 ~ September 27th, 05:00 EDT

♥ Important Reminder ♥
- Your Carnival Tokens will be reset once the event is over. You cannot save them up for next event, so make sure you use them all!
- The Monthly Carnival Event will be available every month.
- Giselle is a Monthly Carnival-exclusive character. She will NOT be added to the Basic Summon, Secret Shop or Chests.

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Game Information

  • Platforms:
  •  Android
  • Version:
  •  2.0
  • Size:
  •  49.0MB
  • Languages:
  • English
  • Release Date:
  •  July 5, 2019
  • Publisher:
  •  Nutaku Publishing
  • Developer:
  •  xDNA

System Requirements

Android v5.0 and Up