Pocket Waifu

Dating Sim Casual

Trade your soul for immeasurable power! Become the man who made a terrible bargain with a succubus to get girls - have them walk right into your house, entertain them, keep them fed, clean and energetic, seduce them and watch as they do their hardest to please you!

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About Pocket Waifu

Pocket Waifu is a free story-rich virtual waifu game for Android, featuring unique, fun characters, nice and sexy clothes & over 30 animated scenes waiting for you to unlock them.

Over 7 Unique Characters
- Date multiple waifus at the same time, and bring the naughtiest out of them!

Animated sex-scenes!
- Over 30 animated sex-scenes with more coming soon!

Customize your waifus!
- Classy outfits? Pretty lingerie? Lusty costumes? Choose your style!

Play minigames with your waifu!
- A lot of mini games await, reach high scores to make them want you!

And more, much more!

Key Game Features

- Daily challenges and bonuses
- Customize you house with tons of furniture

News and Updates

Floral Futures for Future Flowers!
09/06/2018 03:40PM

Natural beauty and natural spices - all available if you have a kitchen garden! But maybe you wish to expand your gardening a little bit? Your girls certainly do - at the very least, Mary does! Though Andrea seems weirdly interested in your plant pots... Almost as if she had some... plans...

- New story event: Floral Futures! Collect points to get new clothes and read a story about Mary and Andrea!
- Exclusive Special Offer: Flower Foundations! A unique Denim Shirt and lots of other goodies!
- Weeded out some bugs here and there!

Summer is about to end, this is your best chance to plant something!

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Pocket Waifu wishes you Good Night and Sweet Dreams!
08/24/2018 09:47AM

Good Night, Sweet Dreams!

Having trouble sleeping recently? Our girls do, too. Perhaps they need some more comfort? That's great, since we've got just the thing for you! Cute pajamas, see-through nightgowns, face masks and... maybe a little midnight comforting!

- Good Night event! Gather points and win clothes and a sex scene through every-day challenges!

Restful sleep awaits, don't hesitate!

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True Love Needs Time and Effort
08/17/2018 11:55AM

True Love Needs Time and Effort

Some of our girls are ready to share their world with you! <b>Mary, Raquel</b> and <b>Yasu</b> can now be romanced towards a new level of your intimacy. Take care, however, one of their requirements still remains a mystery! Stay tuned, it will be revealed soon!

- <b>Relationship Level 8</b> added for Mary, Raquel and Yasu!
- A Premium account now gives <b>20% more Silver Coins</b> for playing minigames!
- Dreamy sale! A special offer with a <b>unique, legendary nightgown</b> and a <b>Milk Bath Dream</b>* scene starring <b>Yasu</b>!
- Free Time Warps offered by the Succubus during the initial stages of the game fixed on Android!

Don't hesitate! Love, like an eternally burning candle, can only light your world through self-sacrifice!

* - scene able to be purchased separately for gems.

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Game Information

  • Platforms:
  • Version:
  •  1.15.1
  • Size:
  •  44.5MB
  • Languages:
  •  English
  • Release Date:
  •  May 18, 2018
  • Publisher:
  •  Nutaku Publishing
  • Developer:
  •  JNT

System Requirements

Android 4.0 or above