Pocket Waifu

Casual Dating Sim

Trade your soul for immeasurable power! Become the man who made a terrible bargain with a succubus to get girls - have them walk right into your house, entertain them, keep them fed, clean and energetic, seduce them and watch as they do their hardest to please you!

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About Pocket Waifu

Over 9 Unique Characters
- Date multiple waifus at the same time, and bring the naughtiest out of them!

Animated sex-scenes!
- Over 50 animated sex-scenes with more coming soon!

Customize your waifus!
- Classy outfits? Pretty lingerie? Lusty costumes? Choose your style!

Play minigames with your waifu!
- A lot of mini games await, reach high scores to make them want you!

And more, much more!

Key Features

- Daily challenges and bonuses
- Customize you house with tons of furniture
- Use the Garden to grow your own stuff!

News and Updates

1.30.0 - End To Innocence
05/03/2019 12:10PM

The noose tightens, the hunt gets closer and the time runs out for Andrea! Her reckless behaviour has finally caught up with her and consequences will be very severe! This will all happen during a very special EVENT: End To Innocence! As always, we have a SPECIAL OFFER for you: a UNIQUE, LEGENDARY Unreal Dress! Also, apart from the very dramatic story scene, we have an unholy new SEXSCENE! With them, a set of clothes to unlock, as well as your chance to get a NEW GIRL: Andrea! We're serious!

- NEW GIRL: Andrea, the demonic succubus!
- EXCLUSIVE NEW SEXSCENE starring someone you've yet to meet!
- The story reaching a significant new twist!

Don't hesitate to witness Andrea's downfall! The puppeteer will get a taste of her own medicine!

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1.28.0 - Joyous News
03/29/2019 01:26PM

We wish to congratulate you! Mary is pregnant, and it's your child! Have a cigar, friend, and enjoy this wonderful whiskey we brought! To celebrate you becoming a daddy, we have a wonderful NEW EVENT: Joyous news! As always, new bits of the story await you, as will a warm, kindhearted SEXSCENE starring Mary! We also have a SPECIAL OFFER for you: Motherhood means cooking a lot, and Mary's a born cook, so it's high time she got an UNIQUE, EXCLUSIVE, LEGENDARY apron: KISS THE COOK!

- NEW EVENT: Joyous News!
- NEW SEXSCENE: Bun in the Oven!

Don't wait, Mary needs your love, care and help as she helps bring your child into this world, and she's been a little antsy about a certain kind of your presence, lately!

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1.26.0 - Southern Flower
03/05/2019 05:34AM

Spring is makin' a slow move northwards, and with it, a herald from the South! Meet our NEW GIRL, Daisy, a beautiful southern farm girl, ready to learn about love! This EVENT will let you meet her for free, so mosey up to them tasks, partner! There's also a SPECIAL OFFER for y'all: for the fans of cowboy gear, some UNIQUE, LEGENDARY Texas Chaps!

- New EVENT: Southern Flower!
- New GIRL: Meet Daisy!

No time for lollygaggin', friend! Head down to the bar for a truly sweet time with our girls!

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Game Information

  • Platforms:
  • Version:
  •  1.34.1
  • Size:
  •  56.3MB
  • Languages:
  • English
  • Release Date:
  •  May 18, 2018
  • Publisher:
  •  Nutaku Publishing
  • Developer:
  •  JNT

System Requirements

2GB of RAM, Android 4.4 or above