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  • Floral Futures for Future Flowers! 09/06/2018 03:40PM

    Natural beauty and natural spices - all available if you have a kitchen garden! But maybe you wish to expand your gardening a little bit? Your girls certainly do - at the very least, Mary does! Though Andrea seems weirdly interested in your plant pots... Almost as if she had some... plans...

    - New story event: Floral Futures! Collect points to get new clothes and read a story about Mary and Andrea!
    - Exclusive Special Offer: Flower Foundations! A unique Denim Shirt and lots of other goodies!
    - Weeded out some bugs here and there!

    Summer is about to end, this is your best chance to plant something!

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  • Pocket Waifu wishes you Good Night and Sweet Dreams! 08/24/2018 09:47AM

    Good Night, Sweet Dreams!

    Having trouble sleeping recently? Our girls do, too. Perhaps they need some more comfort? That's great, since we've got just the thing for you! Cute pajamas, see-through nightgowns, face masks and... maybe a little midnight comforting!

    - Good Night event! Gather points and win clothes and a sex scene through every-day challenges!

    Restful sleep awaits, don't hesitate!

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  • True Love Needs Time and Effort 08/17/2018 11:55AM

    True Love Needs Time and Effort

    Some of our girls are ready to share their world with you! <b>Mary, Raquel</b> and <b>Yasu</b> can now be romanced towards a new level of your intimacy. Take care, however, one of their requirements still remains a mystery! Stay tuned, it will be revealed soon!

    - <b>Relationship Level 8</b> added for Mary, Raquel and Yasu!
    - A Premium account now gives <b>20% more Silver Coins</b> for playing minigames!
    - Dreamy sale! A special offer with a <b>unique, legendary nightgown</b> and a <b>Milk Bath Dream</b>* scene starring <b>Yasu</b>!
    - Free Time Warps offered by the Succubus during the initial stages of the game fixed on Android!

    Don't hesitate! Love, like an eternally burning candle, can only light your world through self-sacrifice!

    * - scene able to be purchased separately for gems.

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  • Summer Sale! 08/01/2018 11:33AM

    The Nutaku Summer Sale period is starting and do we have a treat for you! Gems, gems everywhere! Gems from the sky, gems from the ground, Gems, gems, GEMS!

    - Every gem item is now on a sale! 20-50% off!
    - Unique Cat Ears and Tail available in a Special Offer!
    - Purchasing gems gives bonus ones! Up to 50% more than the basic amount purchased!

    But that's not all! For the period of the Gemstravaganza...
    - Daily Wishes give 100% MORE AFFECTION!
    - Minigames give 20% MORE COINS!

    Don't wait, the Gemstravaganza won't last forever! Now's your chance to impress your girls!

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  • Summer's Shadow Sale! 07/23/2018 04:07PM

    We have a special sale for all of you who are enjoying our latest event! Feel the summer as it gives us its last warm welcomes with a Shadow's Kiss!

    - UNIQUE legendary dress!
    - 7 days Premium!
    - 10 x Celestial Incense
    - 10 x Makizushi
    - 500 Gems
    - 500 Lust Dust

    Don't let summer leave you all hot and wanting - let it give you its incredibly memorable Shadow's Kiss!

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  • The HEAT is unbearable - Summer's Shadow! 07/20/2018 09:17AM

    It is now mid-July and the temperatures are off the charts - with the sun so hot, it's no wonder the girls get sweaty! Why not help them quench their thirst? At the very least... they'll stop minding the sweat...

    - New sexy story with Sakaki!
    - New summer clothes!

    Beat the heat and get some shade with our cuties! Summer won't last forever!

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  • Summer Time - Swimsuit Time! 07/06/2018 02:07PM

    Trips to the beach, or evening jacuzzi - or maybe ordinary old sunbathing! The time is ripe for tight, form-fitting swimwear that'll whet your lust! Join our girls as they get ready for an unforgettable time!

    - A whole new event with incredible prizes!
    - Swimsuits!
    - Exlusive new sex-scene!
    - New seven-day calendar full of goodies!
    - Sales and promotions!

    Don't wait, the weather is fickle and you could miss the sun!

    Also, good news for our Android players - the login issues have finally been fixed! You can now stay logged into Nutaku!

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  • Eva has joined your party! 06/25/2018 06:32AM

    This timid but desperate for love Slavic beauty answered the Call to Adventure and showed up at your door! Guide her through the intricacies of her heart and help her discover what intimacy and love is all about! Only a true hero can save this fair maiden from despair! Are you up to the task?

    - Introducing Eva, our new girl, a shy gamer!
    - A whole questline to unlock her in your game! Complete achievements and read her story!
    - A completely new minigame: Waifu Flip!
    - Gamer Sale! Two fantastic offers for unique items, for a limited time only!
    - Monthly Tasks! Long-term missions with great rewards!
    - Many optimizations in the Android version! Give it a try, it was made for gamers, by gamers!

    Don't wait! Eva's heart is yours to conquer, and she is sure to reward her brave champion!

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  • Winter? In June!? 06/07/2018 04:22PM

    The weather's going crazy! It was snowing here in Pocket Waifu all of a sudden! Who knows what crazy old shenanigans are happening, but one thing we know for sure: you need to have warm clothes for crazy weather like this. It's time to go clothes-hunting! And who is that on the street, sneezing all of a sudden...?

    - A steamy preview of the new upcoming girl!
    - New Clothes!
    - Tons of fixes and improvements!

    Don't wait, the weather's gonna go back to normal any day now!

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  • Take a Walk on the WILD SIDE! 05/22/2018 05:05PM

    May is halfway through and the animals are getting frisky! Perhaps you would like for your girls to share the naughtiness?

    - A new event! Collect parts of a story and pieces of animal-inspired clothes and accessories!
    - Foxes, puppies and bunnies, oh my!
    - An incredibly sexy story, with a unique piece of artwork if you unlock it far enough!
    - Welcome Pack available again to celebrate the Android port!
    - Tons of bugfixes and other goodies!

    Don't wait! The Hunt is on and only the strongest will... get to mate!

    And if you're playing on Android - don't forget to update the game! https://www.nutaku.net/games/app/pocket-waifu/

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