Planes of Eros

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An all new and exciting, anime, high-fantasy, slots, role-playing game! Explore different worlds, collect unique servants, and make love to all types of women! Enjoy fully-animated sex scenes and high-quality nude pictures from never before seen characters!

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What's New?


- Replaced Runes System with Enhanced bonus stats from Servant Haven Bond Levels
- Removed Runes from the Gacha
- Server Optimization

About Planes of Eros

Go on an exciting, hentai-filled adventure with your fated partner, Iris -- a warrior knight from another world, whose sole purpose is to assist you, the prophesized hero of worlds! Collect and recruit sexual servants through gacha! Score a chance to make love to them through bonding! Finally, use strong servants to battle evil in different worlds filled with monsters, all willing to take them as their own!

Key Features

* Fully-animated sex scenes
* Hybrid slot machine and RPG gameplay elements
* High-quality nude pictures
* Gacha system

News and Updates

The Herald of Fire is here
01/18/2019 11:46AM

Hello everyone,

Hot damn! An event, a character release AND awesome shop deals? Must be your lucky day~ Check out the latest Event and Character!

- Added New Fire SSR Servant: Lyccus
- Added New Event Dungeon
- Added New Year Event Login
- Added Fire Servants Rate Up Gacha
- Added New IAP Promotions
- Improved Title Screen
- Readjusted Area Trials
- Haven mini-game now ends right after getting Max Hearts
- Added Haven Rewards for Servants with Max Bond Level
- Improved Crafting UI
- Enabled Selling of Iris Duplicates
- Removed Coin Summon Level Requirement
- Removed Skip Button on all tutorials
- Simplified Missions by no longer requiring servants to be sent


The Planes of Eros Team

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Holiday news!
12/20/2018 07:05AM

Greetings Master,

The holiday spirit is in the air! To kick-start the festivities, we'd like to inform you that the new update is live and ready for download.

Watch out, the new SSR Mikaela is making her grand entrance! A new event world is waiting for you, so dive right in with Mikaela for an exciting plot and uber sexy twists! Exclusive rewards await those who go the extra mile.

Oh, master, before I forget, our friends have a new trick up their sleeves: Heal! Yes, master, both Mikaela and Theresa have the ability to heal the whole party, making you last longer in fights.

Hurry! All these and more improvements await when you download the new update.

Happy Holidays,

Your Best Girl,
Planes of Eros Team

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Rise of the Necromancer
12/11/2018 11:05AM


A brand new Event Dungeon and a sexy necromancer just made their way into Planes of Eros. Check out what's new below and head over for some lucky spins!

[New Dark SSR Servant: Elise]
Servant Introduction:
A highly introverted necromancer who likes staying indoors and reading horror books. Through her vast expertise in the field of necromancy and the undead, Elise conjures shapeless spirits to do her bidding.

[Rate-Up Gacha]
- New SSR Servant: Elise Rate-Up!
- Water Servants Rate-Up!

[Event Dungeon: Yin-Yang Paradise]
- A mysterious portal has appeared in the world of Tera! New monsters are spreading terror in Tera!
- Make haste! Defeat the monsters to gain valuable limit-break materials to aid your cause.

[World Milestone Rewards]
- Get rewards from chests as you collect stars along the way in all worlds!
- The more stars you collect, the better the rewards!

[Game Changes & Improvements]
- Exciting promos and offers!
- Gold Dungeon Rewards increased!!
- New Missions: Alchemy Lab & Greater Alchemy Lab, enabling you to get Alchemy Stones through Missions!
- Gem Cavern improved! More crystals for everyone!
- Missions: Instant mission complete costs adjusted, less crystals for less the remaining per mission.
- Missions: Fusion Altar removed.
- Rune stats increased.
- All Eidolon buffs extended from 3 spins to 15 spins. Yes!
- Changed Eidolon Drake's Buff from MDEF to MATK
- Changed Eidolon Fafnir's Buff from ATK/MATK to ATK
- Daily Login Rewards screen improved, requiring less taps to proceed with the game
- You can now give multiple gifts to your servants in Haven
- Equipping runes made easier, requiring less taps overall
- Improved the text color for stat change comparisons for better readability
- Added a new background music for boss battles
- (WebGL) Added a Language Auto-Select function

[Bug Fixes]
- Fixed Olivia's Level 50 Skill bug
- Fixed Changing Languages bug
- Fixed game freezing on Fusion

Thanks for playing,
Planes of Eros Team

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Game Information

System Requirements

Android 4.4 and up
1.5 GB RAM or higher