Minitary Girls is an action-packed tank simulation mobile game, which skillfully introduces elements of romantic comedy within a tactical military strategy storyline. As the Commander, you will be introduced to over 40 Military Princesses, each with their unique personality. Win their loyalty, create unbreakable bonds, and enjoy fun moments together. Bask in the glory of battle and let yourself get immersed in this new dimension!

  • 40+ Girls To Unlock!
  • 20+ Chapters To Unlock!
  • 700+ Items To Collect!

The aftermath of the Tunguska event saw the dawn of a new world. The particles produced by the explosion have the ability of fusing with metal weapons and greatly improve their performance.

However, the radiations emitted by the "Gaia" particles only affect girls. It is for this reason why the military began fervently gathering the best carriers of such spectacular abilities. Trained to become ultimate weapons of destruction, the "Minitary Girls" were born.

Age: 23

Attributes: tempered on the outside, fiery
on the inside / masochistic / lesbian

Birthday: October 30th

Height: 170cm

Weight: 54kg

Measurements: 97, 62, 94

Blood type: Type A

Star Sign: Scorpio

Age: 21

Attributes: prodigal / bold / miser

Birthday: August 9th

Height: 164cm

Weight: 51kg

Measurements: 85, 58, 84

Blood type: Type AB

Star Sign: Leo

Age: 19

Attributes: well-behaved / modest / maid

Birthday: September 27th

Height: 161cm

Weight: 51kg

Measurements: 82, 60, 85

Blood type: Type B

Star Sign: Libra

Age: 19

Attributes: idiot / optimism / forgetfulness

Birthday: June 1st

Height: 159cm

Weight: 47kg

Measurements: 83, 57, 85

Blood type: Type A

Star Sign: Gemini