Heroes of Lust

RPG MMO Turn Based RPG

The Evil Succubus Lilith threatens to wipe out human kind. Few Heroes stood against her, but to no avail - she continued to abduct and seduce every man in the Kingdom, leaving them mindless ghosts of their former selves. Now, when the time is dark and full of sexual demons, a Hero is needed!

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About Heroes of Lust

The Evil Succubus Lilith threatens to wipe out human kind. Few Heroes stood against her, but to no avail - she continued to abduct and seduce every man in the Kingdom, leaving them mindless ghosts of their former selves. Now, when the time is dark and full of sexual demons, a Hero is needed!

Can you be that Hero? The one, that will protect the future of the Kingdoms and will defend the people from the pervert Succubus Lilith? Fear not! - for you will be joined by the greatest female companions the Kingdoms have ever seen! Of course, their payment will be in the form of pleasure of the flesh! But that's nothing, compared to the great deeds awaiting you!

You are here to leave a Legacy! Grab the opportunity and make a name for yourself! The future of human kind lies in your hands!

Key Game Features

* Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
Join the huge, dynamic World and choose your destiny! 3 different main classes and 6 more subclasses available!

* Epic tactical combat
Discover all the possible combinations and form the perfect battle party! On your disposal will be plethora of Mercenaries willing to aid you in battle!

* Rich Mercenary Management Options
Eqiup, Ascend and Upgrade you Mercenaries and crush every opposing force you encounter! Every Mercenary has its own equipment and can be treated as additional playable character!

* Deep Crafting System
Choose from countless recipes, master your crafting discipline and create the most powerful items in the game!

News and Updates

New Mercenary arrived! Fury Warrior Nahdea is here!
05/15/2018 08:00AM

Don't miss the opportunity to get this Unique Handcrafted Legendary Mercenary!

Fury Warrior Nahdea will be available from The Mercenary Market for 3 days, starting 12:00 PM UTC at 15.05.2018.
She will be very happy to join your mighty Battle Party! Aside from the chance of unlocking her naughty scenes, you will be able to get your hands on a Mercenary, that has potential for devastating AOE(Area of Effect) melee attacks and high survivability, that will help her withstand enemy attacks. Nahdea focuses on dealing with multiple targets fast, while taking some damage to get enraged and then return the fire to the enemies - a real berserker!

Important note : Players under Level 35 will receive Nahdea already with Second Specialization (Fury Warrior). She can be added to the party, even if the Hero hasn't Specialized yet.
Fury Warrior Nahdea is available in the Diamond Mercenary Market.

Grab her now and with her help be the Hero that we need!

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PVP Domination Tournament Season I is here + Enjoy your Golden Week Promo with а Bonus Event and а Super Sale!
04/27/2018 08:05AM

PVP Domination Tournament : The time has come to show everyone what you are made of!

The Domination Tournament is the place where Heroes can prove their mettle against each other.

There will be multiple Domination Tournament Seasons and for every Season, the Heroes will start with the Base Tournament points(1500).

Each Tournament Season will be divided in 3 brackets - 30 to 39 Level; 40 to 49 Level and 50 to 60 Level.

The participants will be able to choose and fight between 5 enemies (other Players) in their Tournament points range.

There is a Refresh button, if the enemies are too hard for the Player, which will show another set of 5 enemies.

If you move to another bracket(level up) during a Domination Tournament, you will keep your points, but fight Players from the new one.

Battles in Domination Tournament cost no stamina and there will be no equipment break.

All players have 10 daily attacks. The attacks counter will refresh on 12 hours.

All battles will reward you gold, with more gold being rewarded for winning.

The biggest rewards(VIP, Diamonds, Energy, Gold) are obtainable via Ranking system(one per each bracket).

PVP Tournament Season I will be ongoing for the next 12 days(ends on 12:00 UTC 08/05/2018) and you will be able to experience the thrill of fighting other players during that time!

Golden Week Sale :

Enjoy special sale with up to 50% more Diamonds and Bonuses for each purchase during the Golden Week Sale!
Duration of the sale : Start - 28/04/2018 ; End - 06/05/2018

On top of that, through the entire duration of the Sale, all players will benefit from 20% more Gold Drop from Battles Bonus Event!

Now is the perfect time to stack some shinies!

Enjoy the new feature and the Golden Week and remember - be the Hero that we need!

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Heroes, to arms! World Boss Event is here again!
04/20/2018 08:28AM

Get some amazing rewards, while protecting the human kind from Lilith's leutenants! Join the fight and send Lilith's minions back for rejuvenation!

* What is the World Boss event ?
The World Boss is an global event that will continue for two days. Three boss waves will come one after another, each consecutive being stronger than the last. The event ends if all three bosses are killed, or if the event timer runs out.

* What does the players do ?
The bosses have a massive HP pool and each player can attack it and deal damage to it. Attacks cost no energy, equipment doesn’t break, there is no traveling and the player is healed after the battle.In the battle itself, the boss deals a lot of damage, so players will have limited attacks on it. If the player survives to 25 rounds in the battle, the boss enrages and kills the whole party.
Each player has 10 attacks per day, but can acquire more, using diamonds. Also, there is a cooldown between the attacks, which the player can shorten.

* What do the Heroes get for attacking the boss ?
Players get gold for each attack, based on their level, so they only have to gain from attacking the boss. There are also a rankings of damage done per boss wave and total damage done, which are related to better rewards. The greatest rewards are received if the player is the one to do the Last Hit on the boss (which can be tricky and takes cunning).

Gather now, brave ones! And be the Heroes that we need!

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Game Information

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  •  1.13
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  •  33.0MB
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  •  English
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System Requirements

Use Android 5.0 and above for the best game experience. Some older devices may encounter issues.