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7 Angels

Publisher: Nutaku Publishing

Developer: Wopidom

Summary of Game

An evil Succubus has easily seduced you and cursed your soul to an eternity of endless pain in hell. To remove this curse, you’ll need to become a sex god and fuck your way out of the jinx!
Use the Dating App and seduce all the 7 Angels of Sex. If you succeed in fucking them all, and manage to complete their challenges, the curse will be removed and you will win back your soul!

Key Features


Tired of not having any new girl under your radar, you’ve started using the new Dating App in hopes of finding some hot chicks to fuck. But everything turns heads up when you piss off a powerful Succubus. Now your soul is cursed to an eternity of endless pain and damnation in hell.
To remove this hex, you’ll have to embark on an epic journey using the Dating App, to seduce and fuck the 7 Angels of Sex. Obtaining their blessing to advance in the quest and save your soul!


7 Angels is an online chat simulator hentai game, with Visual Novel style interactions, where each decision will change your fate forever.

You’ll meet tons of sexy, thirsty girls by using the Dating App, so choose your texts wisely! Collect more than 800 erotic images of your sex-filled journey, complete the challenges the 7 Angels have prepared for you, solve the puzzles and fuck your way through more than 16 episodes filled with action packed scenarios, insatiable girls, and the most epic shags of your life.


Are you ready for more than 800 explicit artwork and exciting photos with the 7 Angels of Sex? You better be, cuz you’re in for a treat!

In this long-haul 16 episode story, you’ll get to know tons of different girls along the way, each with her own unique body and kinks. Complete their challenges, fuck your way to the top and become the sex god they need!


- Rich and Expansive Story! Play through 16 episodes of this ever-expanding story. Travel the world in the quest of redeeming your soul, and live an incredibly hot adventure, full of action, beautiful girls and sex.

- Gather Sexy Photos! There are more than 800 spicy images of your journey to unlock. The best part is that you can relive the hottest moments of your adventure any time you want.

- Become a Sex God! Complete challenges and puzzles that the girls have prepared for you, satisfy all their lustful desires and become the god of sex.

- Meet and Fuck Random Girls! Use the Dating App to meet new girls, seduce them and get a good fuck.


- More than 800 kinky photos to unlock!
- Fuck the 7 Angels of sex + other awesome girls!
- Test your skills and complete the challenges!
- Exciting storyline with more than 15 episodes!
- Visual Novel Style Interactions!
- Collect all the Golden Cards of the 7 Angels!
- Available on both mobile (Android) and PC!
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Game Information
  • Languages:
  • Release Date:
    February 12, 2019

News and Updates

2020/07/22 VIP Portal!
Hello Angels,

Get the VIP treatment with our latest event!
Finish the VIP zones and get exclusive collectibles!

Have fun!
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2020/07/15 Retro Event
Ah, nostalgia hits hard during these days. Remember those Arcade games? Daamn, those were the best.
Visit the Arcade section and you'll have a surprise!

Buy Missing Photos Gallery:

New Gallery to each episode from which players can buy missing photos from that episode. This gallery can only be accessed by players when the episode is completed and there are still missing images.

Card Animation Gallery and Reward:

This reward is exclusive to the Grey Challenge, but all animations can also be acquired using items.

* All Tutorials Pop-in UI changed to follow the same standard.
* Fix on inventory to not show rare items for sale.
* Fix on white and grey to properly display the time remaining.
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2020/05/20 Spring Cleaning!
Hello Angels,

For Spring Cleaning stay squeaky clean with our amazing offers!
It's cleaning, but it's never been hotter!

Have fun!
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