Millennium War Aigis Closure

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  • 11/03/2017
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Millennium War Aigis Closure

Hello Everyone, As many of you are aware the popular game Millennium War Aigis will be closing its doors on December 26th, 2017. We are deeply saddened that Aigis will be closing as it’s one of the oldest games on Nutaku and it is beloved by many players around the world.

Here are some answers to some of the questions players have asked about the closure:

Why is Millennium War Aigis closing?

Maintaining a game as polished and complicated as Aigis is very expensive, in terms of server costs, translation, and developer resources. Over the last 12 months Aigis has seen a decrease in revenue which unfortunately made it impossible for the developers to continue supporting the game, as they were operating at a loss. Though they have a massive and very active player-base, not many players were supporting the title by purchasing in-game content.

Why didn’t Nutaku stop the game from closing?

Nutaku is a platform much like Steam, which is dedicated to distributing games to their user-bases. This means that every game is managed and developed by third party developers and publishers. Nutaku has formed partnerships with many development studios and we allow the developers to act in the interest of their studios well-being.

That said, last year the developers of Aigis did propose shutting down the title, but after many talks internally we were able to keep the game running on Nutaku. We worked hard to constantly compile and send community feedback to the developers so that they could hopefully bring the game up to the level where it was both a financial and player success. Unfortunately after giving the game another 18 months of support the developers have not been able to reach the goals they set for themselves and have made the final decision to remove the title from Nutaku.

How will I be compensated for my time and efforts playing Aigis?

We are in talks with developers from other games found on the Nutaku platform regarding a compensation package in their title. Several games are working on this at the moment. We have no solid dates or information on which titles will be participating, but we will make an official announcement when we know more.

Will there be other tower defense games on the Nutaku platform in the near future?

Hopefully! YES! Several companies have contacted us in the recent months that specialize in tower defense games, so we are anticipating that there will be many options to fill that TD void in the future!

Are any other games in danger of shutting down on the Nutaku platform?

At this moment we are not aware of any games developers that are considering closing their titles. As we are a platform, all final game decisions are made by the developers and creators of each individual game.

Everyone here at Nutaku was saddened with the news, and we are hoping that dedicated Aigis players will check out some of the great new games we have coming your way!

The Nutaku Team