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Turn Based RPG

About X-Overd

In the world of Lunartis mysterious portals to other worlds known as Gates can be found.
Eons ago, humankind lived in an era of prosperity through the appearance of the strangers from the Gates and the unknown technology they brought with them.
However, at the zenith of the ancient civilization a sudden Catastrophe appeared from the Gate leading to their unfortunate demise.


Turn Based RPG

About X-Overd

In the world of Lunartis mysterious portals to other worlds known as Gates can be found.
Eons ago, humankind lived in an era of prosperity through the appearance of the strangers from the Gates and the unknown technology they brought with them.
However, at the zenith of the ancient civilization a sudden Catastrophe appeared from the Gate leading to their unfortunate demise.

Key Features

Publisher: SuperHippo

Fast forward to the present:
Humankind has inherited the airships and what little magic is left of the past and live modestly in peace within a world divided into 3 great lands.
Memories of not only their prosperous civilization but also their deplorable past have begun to fade.
We hadn't noticed it yet. The return of the remnants of the sheer destruction brought on by the Catastrophe.
One of the three great nations of Lunartis. Its capital is Elhanbre.
A human-centric nation of knights.
The Imperial rule governs on policies of order and peace.
In the heart of the land with the capital at its center is a wide ranging fertile plain supporting the thriving agricultural industry. Business is thriving with surplus crops exported to various countries. The head church of the state religion-Filuism-is particularly powerful owing to its location in the second largest city, Arlay Laora.
As the knight-centric aristocracy, major merchants and Filuism church all hold great influential power, the nation maintains its power balance on a precise axis of tense relations. Despite being the smallest of the three nations in terms of area, it possesses the largest population.

One of the three great nations of Lunartis. Its capital is Urlaya.
An Elf-centric, multi-tribal nation under the rule of an Elven queen.
Though the country was once comprised of small tribes scattered among the thick forests covering most of the land, the arrival of the elves from the Gate became the core which united the tribes into one nation.

Elves currently make up 70 per cent of the population with humans next in ranking.
Elves place significant importance on living in harmony with nature in forests and rivers, as well as spirits. This often leads to the deification of such objects making them targets of worship.
Magic and magical technology is well advanced here with the second largest city, Tarasonia, home to the world's largest Magic School, Magical Library of Learning and other magic related institutions.
However, machines and ancient legacies are viewed as defilers of nature and spirits, thus, loathed by many.
The country possesses an army to counteract demons that appear from the Gate, however, its main aim is protection. As many of the citizens are hunters and guards, they all possess a certain level of proficiency in the wielding of arms meaning the country is not by any means a militarily pushover.

One of the three great nations of Lunartis. Its capital is Rudilgaran.
Various types of human beasts have inhabited this nation since ancient times. Although the rivalry for independence between the chiefs of each clan had once reached a dangerous stage, unity has been achieved through the strong military force of the modern era Imperial Kingdom of Bald'Or.

Despite possessing the largest land mass in the world, the country is mostly comprised of tundra and taiga, meaning livable areas are few and far between.
There is some resistance against the current imperial king's autocratic rule, however, he does receive support by some for settling long waging wars.
The imperial king's policies have led to a focus on industry and the excavation of ancient ruins.
Increasing military power is an ever present national policy and the expansion of livable territories to enhance national prestige is a matter of importance.
As a part of this policy, they recently occupied the Magical Island of Moorzerudd, located in the heart of Lunartis.
The ever present main force of the capital is a closed city and its military power is shrouded in a veil.
Their economic center is Bilzno which is home to an ice-free port.
A portal to other worlds. Gates are fiercely guarded by Gate Keepers.
Evil Gate
The name of the gate containing the Catastrophe.

X-Overd is a large-scale, rich story based traditional fantasy RPG which unfolds through stimulating battles. It is a turn based action game that takes place in various dungeons across the multiple kingdoms.
The story advances by clearing Dungeons.
Users must gather their party in a varied way so that they can cover all combinations of attributes.
Each Character possesses 1 Attribute. The 6 types are Fire, Wood, Thunder, Water, Light, Dark.
There are strengths and weaknesses among the Attributes.
Attributes of each Character have Attribute Values which are added onto different types of Weapons, Accessories and Abilities as well as other Attributes.
Characters have 50 Attribute Points. There is a limit to how many points can be held.
A maximum of 100 of the same Attribute Points can be possessed.
If Attribute Points exceed 100, there are no added effects.

Dungeons, battles and rewards:
You can choose between Auto Battle and Regular Battle modes according to your style of play and the strength of enemies.
Attacking Enemies with HP reduced below 0 is known as Overkill.
Over killed Enemies are launched into the next battle and inflict further damage.
Launching an Enemy into the next Battle will inflict more damage than originally inflicted in the Overkill.
-The amount of damage inflicted by the Enemy launched into the next Battle will be divided across the number of enemies in the Battle.
The conditions required to carry out an Overkill are detailed as follows.
Dungeons are being referred as Story Dungeons, Gatekeeper Dungeons (Limited time/day special missions with high difficulty opponents) and Limited Dungeons that can be similar to the Raid Missions in the standard RPG gameplay.
Clearing all Stages in a Dungeon will result in a Dungeon Clear and lead to the appearance of a new Dungeon.
Furthermore, clearing all Dungeons in a Continent will result in a Continent Complete and lead tothe appearance of the next Continent if available. Continents are released in order over time.
Upon opening a Continent, the Airship will move to the Dungeon with the most progress recorded.
If you would like to play a previously Cleared Dungeon, drag the World Map, move the Airship and choose your desired Dungeon.
All characters receive experience and possible items from the Dungeons along with food ingredients currency and free gacha currency.

Affection is unlocked for each girl by playing with her in the missions and increasing her level.
For each girl there is an extra menu named "Events". These events are solo interactions with the specific character where you learn their background story. Each character has a different number of stories and they require a certain XP level to unlock their scenes.
Therefore, you need to farm with every girl to unlock their secrets.
In the Adult version, the girls have a Heart symbol when the Intimate scenes are unlocked.
The Lore is complex and every girl has a different story to tell.

Adding other players as Friends and taking your Companion's Helper to Dungeons can earn you many Shards!
Companion Requests can be carried out after Clearing Dungeons or by searching their Online Game ID.
The maximum number of Friends you can have increases with your Rank.
-You can have up to 30 Friends.
-The limit is the sum of your Friends and Companion Requests.
-If you have reached your maximum number of Friends and Requests, you can no longer send or accept Requests.

The Airship is the main base of operations that it is also used to travel between the worlds. It also serves as a facility HQ.
Facilities contain the following:
The following facilities can be leveled up at the Development Lab.
Forge,Kitchen,Greenhouse are facility names. Upgrading each facility requires Gold.
Raising the Level of the Airship increases the Level cap of the Forge,Kitchen,Greenhouse.
Raising the Level cap of each facility allows you to further upgrade them.
You can do the following at the Forge:
-Weapon Upgrades
-Weapon Refinement
-Sell Equipment
-Armory (Organize Equipment)
Raising the level of the Forge at the Development Lab will increase your changes of achieving -Major Success- and-Ultra Success-.

Food can be prepared and cooked using ingredients obtained from Dungeons or the Greenhouse in the Kitchen.
The following Ingredient,Food related actions can be performed:
-Sell Ingredients
-Storeroom (Organize Ingredients,Food)
Farming of ingredients necessary for cooking in the Kitchen can be done in the Greenhouse.
The -Harvest- button is displayed when there are crops available for harvest.
However, 3 hours must have elapsed since the previous harvest before this can be done.
Raising the level of the Greenhouse in the Development Lab will increase the types and amount of crops you can harvest.
Trading involves interacting with Merchants scattered across the cities of Lunartis as you create your own route.
Trade Squads, trade from the Merchants in each city and unlock undiscovered worlds!
You can start Trading when you have cleared Map 3 Bald'Or Region South-West, Lunartis Necropolis.
There are two types of Gacha available, Premium and Free.
Paid Gacha guarantees a certain high rarity character or item with an increased drop chance for SSR rarity items.
Free Gacha is made out of different currencies that are obtainable by farming and trading items in order to obtain a good card.

Premium Gacha
-Rare Gacha
-Weapon Gacha

Free Gacha
- Foreign Gold Coin Gacha
- Foreign Silver Coin Gacha
- Ruby Gacha
- Gentleman Gacha

Character Jobs
Each Character has a specific -Job- which reflects their profession and characteristics. Each Job has a Job LV.
By obtaining Jobs, you are able to befriend Characters who specialize in particular Jobs.
When a befriended Character obtains a Job.
1.If it's a new Job
  - The obtained Job is unlocked and can be used in Battle by Changing Jobs
2. If an already unlocked Job
  - The corresponding Job will Increase Limit which will raise its Max Job Level.
Job Level
Each Character has various Jobs. By participating in Dungeon Battles, Experience Points are gained and Job Levels can be raised.
By raising Job Levels, different Abilities can be learned depending on each Job.
-Experience Points cannot be earned outside of Dungeon battles.
-Only the Jobs of Characters participating in Battles can obtain Experience Points.
Edit Job
If a Characters hold more than 1 Job, you are able to change the Job used in Battles.
Job Changes can be done through Character customization menus.
Default Job
Each Character has a basic Job.
By learning a Character's Default Job Ability -Unlock Accessory 2- the Character can be equipped with up to 2 items.
How to Obtain Default Jobs
1.If the acquired Job happens to be a Default Job (Normal Acquisition Route)
2. If the acquired Job is not a Default Job and the Character has not obtained their Default Job the Default Job can also be acquired at the same time.
Extra Jobs
Limited Time Season Events and other Time Limited Jobs are known as Extra Jobs.
Unlocking an Extra Job Event will also unlock the ability to raise the Job's Level. Furthermore, as with regular Jobs, you can learn various Abilities by raising the level of Extra Jobs to certain points.

-Though the increase in Status points is low in comparison to regular Jobs, raising the level of female Characters to a certain point will unlock a Special Event for viewing.

System Requirements

News and Updates

Content Release 8 December info.
12/09/2016 08:39AM

Hello everyone,

The Game Update is complete !

What's New?
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Gacha Update
12/02/2016 07:42AM

Guaranteed Gacha Pool Info
Each week there will be 2 Guaranteed SSR girls for the 10+1 Draw.
2 December ...

Black Friday Week-end (25-28 Nov).
11/25/2016 07:04AM

Black Friday Packs available in the Shop

Availability : Between 25 November and 28 November 11:00 AM EE...

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