Nutaku Daily Reward

June Daily Rewards

Claim as many rewards as you can until the month ends!
gold1 Gold
Day 1
gold2 Gold
Day 2
gold3 Gold
Day 3
gold1 Gold
Day 4
gold2 Gold
Day 5
gold3 Gold
Day 6
gold10 Gold
Day 7
gold1 Gold
Day 8
gold2 Gold
Day 9
gold3 Gold
Day 10
couponReward code
Day 11
gold2 Gold
Day 12
gold3 Gold
Day 13
gold20 Gold
Day 14
gold1 Gold
Day 15
gold2 Gold
Day 16
gold3 Gold
Day 17
gold1 Gold
Day 18
gold2 Gold
Day 19
gold3 Gold
Day 20
gold30 Gold
Day 21
gold1 Gold
Day 22
gold2 Gold
Day 23
gold3 Gold
Day 24
gold1 Gold
Day 25
gold2 Gold
Day 26
gold3 Gold
Day 27
gold40 Gold
Day 28

June Daily Rewards

Calendar resets in:

You have::left to claim the reward.until next free reward is available!

Days reset at 00:00 UTC time

You have collected all rewards available before the end of a calendar period.

Come back next month to collect more rewards.

Login to claim your free daily rewards!Visit the Daily Rewards Calendar and claim your free rewards throughout the month! Each month the calendar will reset with new rewards. Claim as many rewards as you can before the month ends!
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the Nutaku Daily Calendar?
    The Nutaku Daily Calendar, also known as Login rewards, is a feature that allows users to collect free rewards each day on the website. To collect a reward, you need to access the Nutaku Daily Calendar and interact with the “Claim Reward” button. Rewards need to be claimed manually via the Calendar, they will not be claimed by simply visiting the website.

    There are no requirements in order to access the Nutaku Daily Calendar other than being logged in the platform.
  • Where can I access the Nutaku Daily Calendar?
    You can access the daily calendar by interacting with the Gift Box icon displayed in the top right corner of the website, next to your profile icon and name. Alternatively, you can also access it via your profile dropdown menu, which is opened by interacting with your profile picture or name in the top right corner of the website. The Nutaku daily calendar is currently only available on the website.
  • How often can I claim a reward?
    You can claim at most one reward during each calendar day. After claiming a reward, you’ll receive information about when the next reward will be available to be claimed, which corresponds to when the next calendar day starts. The Nutaku Daily Calendar follows the UTC time zone, with each new calendar day starting at 12 am UTC (00:00 UTC).
  • What happens if I forget to claim a daily reward?
    If you forget to claim a reward within the time period available on a day, you will be offered the same reward again on the next calendar day and none of your current progress will be lost. Also, each Nutaku Daily Calendar lasts longer than the number of rewards available. So even if you miss a few days you should still be able to collect all the rewards available!

    Note, however, that the calendar rewards only progress whenever you claim a reward, so you will continue being offered the same daily reward until you claim it. There is no way to skip over particular rewards.
  • I got a “Reward Code” as a reward. What is this, and how can I use it?
    A reward code is a promotional code that gives you bonus Nutaku Gold, usually on your next Gold Package purchase. To use it, please visit the Nutaku Gold Store and select the “Have a Reward Code?” button displayed below the Gold Packs and insert your code.
  • I can’t claim a reward. Why?
    Some of the most common reasons as to why you may be unable to claim a reward include:
    You may have already claimed a reward in the current calendar day. Calendar days reset at 12 am UTC (00:00 UTC).
    You may have already claimed all rewards available in the current calendar. You will not be able to claim more rewards until the next Daily Calendar starts. Please check the Nutaku Daily Calendar page for information about when the next calendar starts.
    You may be using a browser or extension/add-on that may be conflicting with the Nutaku Daily Calendar. Please try again with a different browser, device, and/or with extensions/add-ons disabled.

    Also, make sure that you refresh the Nutaku Daily Calendar page to make sure that you’re seeing the most current information about rewards.

    If you still can’t claim a reward, please contact our support.
  • I have claimed all rewards available. When do the next rewards show up?
    If you don’t miss any rewards, you may be able to collect all rewards available in the current calendar. In this scenario you won’t be able to claim any new rewards until a new calendar starts. New calendars usually start on the first few days of each month, although the specific date may change from month to month.

    Please visit the Nutaku Daily Calendar page for more information about when the current calendar ends. A new Calendar will be made available immediately after the end of the current calendar, and you will be able to start collecting rewards again right away!
  • The reward available to me today doesn’t correspond to today’s date. Is this intended?
    The day described below each reward doesn’t refer to the current real world date, but instead, how many times you have claimed rewards during the current calendar period. The current date and calendar day will often mismatch as it is influenced by when you started collecting rewards in the current calendar period and/or if you have missed claiming rewards in this calendar period.
  • Are calendar rewards the same every month?
    Nutaku calendars are designed on a monthly basis. Not only rewards may differ from a monthly calendar to another, but also different months may have slight variations on the number of total available rewards and their overall duration. You will be able to see which rewards are available for the next calendar as soon as the new calendar period starts.