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Nutaku is proud to announce the beta release of the brand new Nutaku Android Store. With this simple to use app, you'll be able to quickly manage and update all of your Android games with a single tap. No more having to uninstall a game, navigate to the Nutaku website to download the newest version, and installing it again.

Key Features
  • One Platform Download, play, and update your games directly from one application.
  • Browse Browse our library of Android games and easily sort them to find the newest or most popular games.
  • Play Access and play all your Android games from one location.
  • Search You can now search for a game title, tag, or genre in the Nutaku games directory.
  • Update Quickly update your games directly from the Nutaku Android Store with just one click.

Any Questions?

  • What platforms is the Nutaku Android Store available on?
    The Nutaku Android store is only available on Android phones and tablets.
  • What are the device requirements for the Nutaku Android Store?
    The only hard requirement for the Nutaku Android Store is Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher. You must also have enough free space on your device to download the .apk file for the Nutaku Android Store, as well as enough room to install the application.
  • How do I download the Nutaku Android Store?
    You can download the store from the links at the top and bottom of this page. If you are viewing this page on a mobile device or tablet, then the .apk file will be saved in the download folder of the device. If you are visiting this page via PC, then you will have to transfer the file over to the device you intend to install this on.
  • How do I install the Nutaku Android Store?
    After ensuring apk installer is on the device that you would like to install it on, open the installer (usually found in the downloads folder, download reminder in the device's notification menu, or whichever folder the file was transferred to) by tapping on the apk icon. You will see a warning from the Android system that this is a third-party app, and must be given permission to be installed. Once permission has been granted, tap the Install button to begin installation. Once the app has been installed, tap the Open prompt, or navigate to the device's Menu and tap the Nutaku icon to open the Nutaku Android Store.
  • Do I have to be connected to the internet?
    In order to use the Nutaku Android Store app, you must be connected to the internet: either by Wifi or mobile data. As some games can be quite large in size, we recommend using a Wifi connection for downloading
  • How to I open the Nutaku Android Store?
    Tap on the Nutaku icon on your device to load the application
  • Do I need to create an account for the Nutaku Android Store?
    The Nutaku Android store uses your regular Nutaku Account login information. If you do not currently have a Nutaku account, you can create one here. You can also create one from the Login page in the App as well.
  • I forgot my password
    Don't worry! There's an option to reset your password in the App Login page.
  • How do I find games to install?
    You can find the games in the Nutaku Android Store in various ways: The Home page has banners for current games, as well as a list of the top-rated Android games on The spyglass icon beside the Nutaku logo at the top of the app opens the search bar, where you can search by game title, genre and any tags that are associated with the game. You can also browse the games in the GAMES tab of the App, where the options for sorting are Top Ranking, Newest, or A-Z.
  • Can I inspect the games before I choose to download them?
    Tapping on a game's title rather than its DOWNLOAD icon will bring you to the game's product page, where you can review the game's About, Key Features, Game Information and System requirements, as well as viewing images from the game and any trailers that the game might have.
  • How do I install games?
    Firstly, you must have enough space on your phone to download the App. Always check your available space on your phone before attempting to download an App. Secondly, you must tap the DOWNLOAD button for the game, which is located either on the browsing page where the game's title is, or on the game's product page itself. This will start the download of the application from our servers, and your device will notify you when this is complete.

    Once the download has been completed, the DOWNLOAD button of the game in the App will change to INSTALL. Tapping the INSTALL button will begin the installation process. You may be required to allow the Nutaku Android Store access to install applications on your device; in this case, we suggest allowing the installation as well as whitelisting the Nutaku Android Store for application installation (Checking Trust Applications from this Source in the install menu).

    Once the game has been installed, we suggest opening the game, as there may be additional setup and file downloading required for the App to run (Note: this varies from App to App).
  • How do I run a game that I've installed?
    With the Nutaku Android Store, there are many ways that installed games can be run: From the Home page, you can select the My Games tab, which keeps track of all Nutaku games installed on your device. Tapping on a game icon there will bring you to the game's product page; from there, clicking on the PLAY button will launch the application.

    On any of the Games pages (Newest, Top ranking, A-Z), the Install button will change to PLAY for any games you have downloaded; one tap of the PLAY button will launch the application.

    You can also run any games downloaded from your regular App menu on your Android device.
  • How do I know if I am using the most current version of the Nutaku Android Store?
    The Nutaku Android Store detects its version on launch. If a new version is available, you will be prompted to download the new version.
  • Can I access the Nutaku Android Store without updating to the current version?
    While it is possible to access the Nutaku Android Store with older versions of the app, we can't guarantee the stability of the App when not using the current version. We recommend upgrading as soon as possible.
  • Can I update to the latest version of the Nutaku Android Store from within the application?
    No. You must close and reopen the application in order to update to the latest version. The prompt shown at launch is the only way to update the App.
  • How do I update games I've downloaded using the Nutaku Android Store?
    If there is a new version for one of the games you have downloaded using the Nutaku Android Store, you will see a badge on the UPDATES tab of the Nutaku Android Store indicating how many updates are available for all games you have installed. Tapping on the UPDATES button will bring you to the Updates tab, which will list the games that are available to be updated.

    In order to update the game, you must tap the UPDATE button beside the game, which will begin the downloading of the game update. Once the update has been downloaded, the DOWNLOADING button will change to an INSTALL button. When the INSTALL button is tapped, it will install the update to the game.

    Once this has been completed, the INSTALL button will change to a PLAY button. Tapping on this button will run the selected game.
  • Can I play games without updating to the current version?
    Unfortunately, no.
  • Can I buy gold through the Nutaku Android Store?
    No, you have to visit to make gold purchases, or use the in-app purchasing features from the games themselves.
  • Will this be available on iOS?
    Unfortunately, we have no plans to make this available on iOS devices.

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