About Me!

Hiii! I’m Nutaku-tan and I’m soo excited to be here!! I want to get to know all of you! I love video games and anything fantasy genre. I can talk about fantasy stories for hours and I even write some fan fic! I like anime and manga and I’m not afraid to admit it! I think fun always comes first, cause why not! I’m geeky… AND sassy hehe. I’m like a cute, geeky goddess lol! My favorite thing in the world is to curl up with a hot cup of tea then hentai and chill, forever and ever!!!

  • Blood Type Type B
  • Height 5'5"
  • Weight 122 lb
  • Nationality Half-Japanese

Get to know me!

  • Interests Technology, PC Gaming, Gaming Culture, Hentai, Cute Pets
  • Hobbies Baking, Board Games, Cosplay, Karaoke, Bending Things
  • Favorite Quote
    "Make Hentai Great Again"
  • Dislikes Being Bored, Rules, Pants, Loneliness, Reality TV
  • Music Utada Hikaru, Baby Metal, MGMT, Aphex Twin, Nujabes, Tycho
  • Movies Anything by Hayao Miyazaki, Tank Girl, Ghost in the Shell
  • Favorite Food


  • Favorite Snack

    Tokyo Banana

  • Favorite Drink

    Sake Bomb

  • Favorite Game Genre

    Role Playing Game

  • Favorite Manga

    Ghost in the Shell

  • Favorite Dog Breed

    Shiba Inu