VR Katherine - Simulation Game
$ 20.00 2,000

VR Katherine

Publisher: Thetis Games

Developer: Thetis Games

Summary of Game

VR Katherine is a perfect girlfriend simulator. She is beautiful, very creative, and you can interact with her and with the scenario in SO many ways!

Key Features

- 15 skin textures to customize your girl.
- 14 face presets to use, and the ability to mix them (creating an almost infinite amount of possibilities).
- A very 3D realistic house.
- Sex Positions with interaction.
- Artificial Intelligence, girl dances, talks, sit beside you.
- Sexy and sensual clothes.
- Personalized voice.
- Use your Mouse or VR Headset
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Game Information
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    2.01 gb
  • Release Date:
    March 06, 2020
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