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Vixen Wars

Summary of Game

For details on how to download the Vixen Wars APP onto your iPhone CLICK HERE! You are the Prince of Kinky Kingdom and must ascend the throne after the death of your father, the King. This ascension is interrupted when the Dark Magician corrupts your step-sister to the darkside! Fueled by black magic, she unleashes a legion of under-realm monsters and steals the throne in your place. Fight alongside the sexiest heroines of the land in order to free your sister and reclaim your throne! Only by hooking up with these hot-blooded girls can you liberate the Divine Goddesses needed to save your kingdom. Battle and bang your way back to your royal seat at Kinky Kingdom!

Key Features

● MEET naughty heroines and level up the avatars of the goddesses to improve their god-like abilities. Unlock sexy scenes with them while progressing through their story. ● TALK dirty with them to gain money and chests and unlock additional scenes. ● EXPERIENCE a fantastic story with each of the girls, freeing their lands and spreading their legs. ● COLLECT hot pictures from your vixens and the heroines. Relive the hottest moments of your adventure in the picture gallery. ● BUILD your deck and level your powerful vixens up and unlock nasty pictures of them. ● USE your vixens in this unique combination of Tower Defense and Deck Building, use magical abilities and equipment to improve your odds and channel the power of your heroines to overcome even the mightiest foes. ● GAIN sexy outfits for each heroine. ● GET FREE chests by completing daily tasks, completing facts and leveling up.

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    September 30, 2019

News and Updates

2021/05/19 Penetration Library!
Hey there, Vixen Wars players!

How long has it been since you've checked out Penetration Library? You'll want to take a peek this week and see some naughty business happening between the pages! Take part in this Collection Event and get a secret look at Dasyra licking up Chastity's sweet little pussy. This sneaky photo taken from behind the bookshelf will be a picture you'll want to keep in your collection!
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2020/09/07 Lick my Wet Pussy!
To satisfy Kitana to the fullest, you should have the maximum amount of energy! Get your package with the Max Energy Booster now!
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2020/08/28 Maddox Is Back!
Hey players,

Did you miss Maddox?
Well, she's back and HOTTER than ever!

Enjoy her!
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