Princess Evangile - Visual Novel Game
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Princess Evangile

Publisher: Mangagamer

Developer: MOONSTONE

Summary of Game

Salutations. Would you like to attend a school for girls?"

This romance ADV explores the question of gender integration at a private school.
A curious series of events leads to our hero becoming the only boy at a prestigious girls' academy...
But over 99% of the girls are against integration!
The girls are so sheltered, that they actually run away screaming at the sight of him!
Our hero needs to befriend them if he wants to stay, but the situation's looking grim...
The sole girl in favor of reform looks to our hero with hope in her eyes.
Thus, he must fight -- to convince the few neutral parties at the school, his childhood friend... and even those who show him open disgust!

The game spans a full year, divided into 26 "anime-like" chapters.
Colorful movies and SD illustrations bring the classic girls' school events to life!
Athletics festivals, elegant balls, swimsuits, love rivalries... and sex scenes that would make a true lady blush!

Key Features

Developer: MOONSTONE
Publisher: Mangagamer

* Singleplayer
* Beautiful girls and rich artwork
* Unrated version with adult scenes
* HD graphics and UI
* DRM Free
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Game Information
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    2.95 gb
  • Release Date:
    May 11, 2016
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