Mandy's Room - Casual Game
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Mandy's Room

Publisher: HFTGames

Developer: HFTGames

Summary of Game

An Erotic Experience for PC, Mac, Oculus and Vive that takes you into Mandy's Personal space, where you observe and interact with her. Mandy is cute, sweet, funny and multi-orgasmic. Get to know her better now!

Key Features

- VR (Full VR Compatibility)
- Adult version visual novel
- High Resolution
- Casual, stress-free gaming
- 18+ version
- A HFT Games release
- Fully playable in non-VR
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Game Information
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  • Download Size:
    650.76 mb
  • Release Date:
    September 17, 2018

News and Updates

2019/01/16 Mandy's Dream Update! [12/13/2018]
Mandy's Dream
In Mandy's Dream, Mandy has a sexy dream that hew new best friend Mr. J.
becomes a real man, and she can be with him the way she has always wished she could. As a real man, Mr. J. can finally give Mandy exactly what she wants from him.
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