Holodexxx Origins - Simulation Game
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Holodexxx Origins

Publisher: Holodexxx

Developer: Holodexxx

Summary of Game

Enjoy three exciting Holodexxx experiences that will introduce you to the world of Holodexxx-powered erotic virtual humans! This game includes 3 titles: Riley Reid: Sneak Peek, Holodexxx Gallery and Meet Marley!

Key Features

● Fully animated Riley Reid and Marley Brinx virtual humans created using next generation photogrammetry scans
● Animated erotic dance powered by high definition Mo-cap
● Breast/Butt physics
● Spankable butt and removable clothing
● 9 incredible full body 3D models of your favorite adult stars created using next generation photogrammetry scans
● 3 high res gens/booty scans of each model
● Comfortable 2D mode, for all of you flat-screeners
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    5.52 gb
  • Release Date:
    July 03, 2020
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