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Fap CEO: Men Stream

Publisher: Nutaku Publishing

Developer: BoomBox Games

Summary of Game

Embark on an epic, sex-filled journey to build your very own video-chat empire, all while
getting as much man meat as you can fuck!

Key Features

- Hire different guys with unique personalities and learn their story. Talk to them and get exclusive uncensored hentai content.
- Level-up your guys to help them make more cash for you. Capitalize on their arousal and get rich by turning them on.
- Once you max out, sell your company and start over, bigger and better. Unlock even more guys every time you sell.
- Decorate your CEO office with eccentric and unique items, all with their own added benefits.
- Customize your experience with new skills and perks.
- Collect sexy pictures from the guys and fuck or get fucked by them in all the ways you can imagine!
- 15 guys to unlock, over 20 CEO decorations to unlock. Over 100 photos to unlock
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Game Information
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  • Download Size:
    872.41 kb
  • Release Date:
    June 18, 2019

News and Updates

2019/08/19 New features: Tournament and Background Changer!
Hi there CEOs,

We are pleased to announce some new features added to our game!

- New multiplayer competitive game mode!
- Tournaments start WEEKLY at 00:00 UTC on Friday -> Saturday and end 48 hours later.
- The Tournament features a brand new company to manage, that only exists for the duration of the weekend.
- All multipliers, decorations, time skips, boosters and skills from the main company apply.
- The leaderboard shows the sum total of all employee levels. The higher you get, the better the prizes!
- Compete to be top dog!
- Don't forget to claim your rewards after the Tournament ends!


Men Stream Team
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