Roomie Romance

Visual Novel

Will love blossom between you and your housemate, when you start a new job and have to live with her? The choices you make will determine the relationship you have in this love story between two women. Purchase includes all DLC packs!*

About Roomie Romance

*This purchase includes ALL the DLC for Roomie Romance as it releases! For now Part 1 and 2 are included. You will be notified by email when future parts are released. Simply return back to this page to download the update.*

Your start at a new job was always going to be hard, a new city, a new place to fit in.
But it is made far worse when you fall at first sight with your new housemate and Senpai at work.

The game follows the growing relationship between Mira and her new Senpai over the course of a year, in true visual novel style gameplay your decisions will determine not only the events that occur throughout the game, but who you meet along the way, how you interact with them and what ending (from several) you will receive.

The main focus of this story is of a potential romance between Mira (the female protagonist) and her female housemate Senpai. Making this a fun and often cute Yuri/Lesbian romance story. But with additional characters also available to meet and get into strange and fun situations with...

Featuring Melissa and Jasmin (previously appearing in Negligee) and new character Rias.

Key Features

[*] A multi-route story-line where every choice affects what will come next.
[*] Multiple different endings based on your decisions and game events.
[*] A fun tongue in cheek story-line.
[*] Cute, Sexy, High quality illustrations.
[*] Full Visual Novel game features, galleries and options.
[*] Extra stories to be released post-release. 6 stories in total! (all included in the purchase!).

Game Information

System Requirements

System Requirements: Windows Only

OS: Windows 7 or Newer
Processor: 1.66 Gh
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 1920x1080
Storage: 2 GB available space
Sound Car: DirectX Compatible