Re:Lord 1

RPG Adventure Kinetic Novel

This Strip Battle SLG features strategic gameplay with target shooting and skill management. Attack the witches' clothes to undress them and reveal different CGs and H-scenes! Enjoy a fully-voiced quirky main character and his sidekick in a fleshed-out story filled with slapstick comedy.

About Re:Lord 1

In a fantasy world where magic exists, the demon realm faced an unprecedented danger. Three "witches of disaster" appeared and invaded the demon country of Saarland. Due to the recent peaceful times, Saarland lacked the skills to protect the territory of Groesen.

Recognizing the witches’ overwhelming powers, such as the ability to change the form of others, they surrendered the territory to them. Half a year later, the majority of the townspeople in Groesen had been turned into dolls. Wilfred decided to take back the land from the witches, and he possesses the only ability to defeat them.

Key Features

• Full Japanese voice acting including the main character, featuring talents such as Shirotsuki Kaname and Ueda Akane (Suzuki Aya in the NEKO-NIN exHeart series)
• Gorgeous artwork by artist Mizunezumi
• Slapstick comedy with a fleshed-out story and fun characters
• Target clothes to take them off: affect CGs and H-scenes
• Two witches to battle and undress
• Strip battle SLG with map gameplay (strategic) and battle gameplay (shooting)
• Skills level-up and achievements
• Original version with mosaics

Game Information

System Requirements

OS: 32/64-bit Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10
Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 1280 x 720
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 1 GB available space