Please Bang My Wife

Visual Novel Adventure

Yasushi writes nukige games for a living, but winds up completely stumped while working on his latest title. He can't stop thinking about his wife, Mariko, and the things she does with her lover, Kazuki. Will watching the two of them together be the key to curing? Yasushi's writer's block?

About Please Bang My Wife

Who knew deception could be the ultimate muse?

Yasushi makes a living as a nukige writer and spends long hours away from his young wife, Mariko. He begins to suspect that all is not well in their marriage and his suspicions are confirmed when his wife admits to carrying on a torrid affair with another man. Yasushi is wildly jealous but he can't help but be turned on by the onslaught of images his mind creates: images of his wife cumming over and over again in the arms of her lover.

The story within the gameplay is told in five stages:
- Yasushi's suspicion when his wife begins to act strangely
- Mariko's admission to the affair
- Yasushi watching his wife and her lover having sex
- Yasushi experiencing the joy of being a willing cuckold
- The emotional epilogue.

An emotional yet ultimately sensual adventure awaits you as you immerse yourself into the poignant sexual tension.

Key Features

• An Atelier Sakura Title
• A Sexually Charged Visual Novel
• Unlockable NSFW patch told from Mariko's perspective
• Themes of Voyeurism and Cuckoldry
• Gaming experience can be personalized by renaming characters

Game Information

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP and up
CPU: Pentium III 800MHz
Memory: 1GB
HDD: 650MB
Resolution: 800x600
DirectX: 9.0c
• Sound: Wave/ogg