Ne no Kami

Visual Novel

Ne no Kami is a romantic Japanese yuri (lesbian) adventure. In Ne no Kami, videos illustrate battles and action, dynamically changing the pace and tension.

About Ne no Kami

A large earthquake rocks Kyoto at its core, unsettling the balance of the world. Through television and radio, news of absurd behaviors and emergence of cults became frequent, and demons sightings were reported all throughout Japan. But with the passage of time, society's belief in the supernatural was fading and the people's interest would eventually return to the mundane, regular life. The demons were no longer seen, and the world has become "peaceful" at the surface. Not long thereafter, the events of the earthquake were all but forgotten. Len has been living her entire life as a regular high school student. But suddenly, she is reunited with Shinonome, her childhood friend from long ago, and receives an ominous message...

Key Features

"Len, you are going to abandon this town... and die – today"

Since her reunion with Shinonome, Len's life is thrust into an all new "reality," and the curtain which hid the "truth" of this new world is been lifted. Len and Shinonome must tempt fate and face a world in which reality is all but blurred, as the truth of this world comes to light.

The world of Ne no Kami draws from fantasy, feudal Japan, science fiction and mythology. This landscape of inspirations and settings provide a rich backdrop which lift the lore and surroundings beyond the events which takes place within this adventure alone.

Ne no Kami is a romantic Japanese yuri (lesbian) adventure. In Japan, the visual novel was released in as a "all ages" appropriate package and later received an append disk to provide all new erotic content.

A unique feature in Ne no Kami is the use of videos to illustrate battles and action, dynamically changing the pace and tension.

Ne no Kami is DRM free and fully uncensored with NO MOSAIC.

News and Updates

Major Build Update Now Available - Download NOW
02/24/2017 11:45AM

Ne no Kami Part 1 has gotten a significantly huge update that fixes virtually every error and mistranslated text that was present in the game. While most of you had no trouble reading through this marvelous adventure, we were never quite satisfied with the state of the engine and the issues that it introduced after getting the English script inserted, which also led to a number of typos and grammatical errors to be missed at first pass. We spent quite some time now refining the engine and going through each line painstakingly to make sure all is right in the world.

Additionally, there is a brand new feature that you might notice. There is a shiny new icon on the UI now. This is a snapshot feature that allows you to share moments on your social medias without the need of an external app or button combination, just the click of a mouse and you’re on your way to sprinkle your yuri magic for all to see. The button grays out during the more mature sensual scenes to avoid spoilers and awkwardness explaining to your family why you accidentally clicked the wrong button.

*Updated and improved translation
*Numerous grammatical and typo fixes
*700 text file fixes
*New Twitter Function: Share screenshots directly onto socials"

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Download The Update Now!
10/14/2016 08:32PM

Hello Nutaku Community!

Many of you have experienced an issue with Ne No Kami that has restricted the 18+ content!
We have uploaded a new version of the game that you can download through the same link you used to download the original version of the game!

Please download the most recent version now!

Thank you!

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Game Information

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Processor: Core 2 Duo (Core i3 or higher recommended)
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 1280 x 720
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 1 GB available space