Mandy's Room

Casual Visual Novel

An Erotic Experience for PC, Mac, Oculus and Vive that takes you into Mandy's Personal space, where you observe and interact with her. Mandy is cute, sweet, funny and multi-orgasmic. Get to know her better now!

About Mandy's Room

This game takes you on a journey of voyeurism through the power of virtual reality. You begin as Mr. Jenkins, a tiny robot belonging to the game’s eponymous character. Mandy is an energetic and downright cute eighteen year old college student living at home with her parents. The quintessential girly girl with a fondness for all things pink and ruffled, she spends most of her time alone in her room.

Mandy is thrilled to have you in her life and so she begins to spill her secret thoughts, the same way one would confide in a diary. She also begins to ask you suggestively naughty questions to which you invariably can’t help but answer “Yes!” but the truth of it is that there are no wrong answers between those four walls!

Mandy should be focusing her attention on her studies but that proves to be difficult due to her multi-orgasmic sexual appetite. Instead of studying, she spends a lot of her alone time pleasuring herself, with you standing guard at her door to make sure that she isn’t interrupted.
Though you are just a tiny robot, you are registering her words and actions and with time, you become more and more intelligent. As your friendship with Mandy deepens, you begin to anticipate her thoughts and moves, proving that robots can make for the perfect companion!

Key Features

- VR (Full VR Compatibility)
- Adult version visual novel
- High Resolution
- Casual, stress-free gaming
- 18+ version
- A HFT Games release
- Fully playable in non-VR

News and Updates

Mandy's Dream Update! [12/13/2018]
01/16/2019 10:49AM

Mandy's Dream
In Mandy's Dream, Mandy has a sexy dream that hew new best friend Mr. J.
becomes a real man, and she can be with him the way she has always wished she could. As a real man, Mr. J. can finally give Mandy exactly what she wants from him.

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Game Information

System Requirements

Windows System Requirement:
• Processor: Intel Core i5 4590 or better
• Graphics card with at least 256 MB
• Memory: 4 GB RAM
• Windows 7+

MAC OS System Requirements:
• Processor: Core i5 4260+
• Graphics card with at least 256 MB
• Memory: 4 GB RAM
• OS 10.11+