Lust of the Apartment Wives

Visual Novel Adventure

Discover their naughty secrets behind closed doors...

Share a taste of this forbidden fruit in a tale of seduction and infidelity with Lust of the Apartment Wives, on sale now.

About Lust of the Apartment Wives

NOTE: This game has been edited from its original Japanese version for international release. Some artwork and dialogue has been modified during the localization process.

In this game, be prepared to become the luckiest delivery man this side of the Pacific... The job might seem straightforward with no chance of a scandal but nothing could be further from the truth.
The reason that you have just scored the jackpot is because you’re not just an ordinary delivery man. In Lust of the Apartment Wives, you become a sex-crazed lothario as you go from apartment to apartment with the intention to delivery groceries. The lonely women you encounter are in need of being satisfied like a filthy Don Juan like you since their husbands aren’t cutting it. Your goal quickly becomes to seduce the skirts off these pent-up housewives who inhabit the various apartment you visit! Your naturally charming and helpful nature will appeal along with your well-earned reputation around the building.
You will encounter three women along the course of this game:
1. Kaori, a mature and openly sexual goddess who will reel you in
2. Ryoko, a wifey who might look like a bookish good-girl but remember what they say about still waters...
3. Makumi, a new mother who, besides nursing her newborn, doesn't seem to have much else to do except indulge in her desires for you alone.

Key Features

• Visual Novel
• Hand-drawn hentai
• Not pixelated
• Uncensored scenes
• Extensive dialogue

Game Information

System Requirements

CPU: PentiumII233MHz / Recommended: PentiumII400MHz or higher
Memory: 128MB / Recommended: 256MB or bigger
Resolution: 800×600 or higher
Storage: 780MB
OS: Windows 7/8/10
Sound source which supports DirectSound:DirectX7a and later