Tenioha! : Girls Can Be Pervy Too!

Visual Novel

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Hiroto Izumi, who is living a mundane student life, was seduced into joining the not so popular “Intellectual Culture Research Club” by Nanase Hibiki. It is basically a club for slackers filled with gorgeous girls playing games and surfing the internet. Urges are bound to skyrocket...

About Tenioha! : Girls Can Be Pervy Too!

"Hey, … eum, so … would you try to do … some sensual things … with me? … a lot?"
Yes, she, Ami Himekawa who is but a classmate, just asked me so.

Let's do lots of sexy, filthy things together♪

Having no experience to speak of towards eroticism, both the protagonist and the heroines are all the more intrigued towards it. With such an intense common curiosity as a spark, they become sex friends in order to sublime each other’s curiosity and delusion while trying out various erotic games.

There are 3 heroines to be ‘conquered’.

Both a classmate and a female friend from middle school; 姫川絢美(Ami Himekawa)
A year above senior and glamorous beauty; 響七瀬(Nanase Hibiki)
A year below junior and a blond beauty; 楠木末梨(Matsuri Kusunoki)

With such female friends, unfold your erotic desires.
Do enjoy plentiful of sex with the cute and pervy heroines!

※ハルキエサカ(Haruki Esaka)cannot be conquered.

Key Features

●78 CGs included, more than 90% are HCG and more than 50 are actual sex scenes!
●A wide variety of fetishes is also included.
●Winner of the Moe Game Awards 2012 Grand Prize (Erotic Contents Award PINK)!
●A one-handed play-ability feature "Finish Countdown" which enables the player to know slightly in advance when the character is about to cum.
●After completing the game, "H-Scene Creation Mode" will be unlocked. It allows the user to create its own sex scenes including the music, art choice, sound effects, and more!

Game Information

System Requirements

CPU: Pentium4 1.0GHz / Recommended: Pentium4 1.5GHz or higher
Memory: 768MB / Recommended: 1.0GB以上
Resolution: 1024×768 or higher
Storage: 6.0GB
OS: Windows 7/8/10
Sound source which supports DirectSound
DirectX8.0a and later