About Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~

The second year of school may mean longer hours of study to some, but for Aoba Kyousuke, this is his year when he is finally going to get lucky in love. With the cherry blossoms in full bloom, there’s a sense of hope and new beginnings in the air.

Aoba is hell-bent on taking advantage. He’s a sociable and talkative guy and while he enjoys hanging out with his usual crew, he feels like something is missing from his life. Something his buddies, which include a guy who is far too girl-crazy and another guy who obsessively covets lizard-people, cannot fulfill.

The time has come for Aoba to try his luck at scoring with one of the pretty girls from his high school. He knows all too well that he’s going to have to do a lot more than just ogle if he wants a fair shot at love. Therefore he starts off the year by boldly declaring his desire for a girlfriend. His statement does not go unheard and soon he finds that he has several potential candidates that he must woo and charm if he wants to get a girlfriend before the term is up!

Key Features

• Visual Novel
• Pure love story
• A NekoNyan game
• Hentai imagery
• Multiple endings
• Free 18+ patch

Game Information

System Requirements

Windows System Requirements
● OS: Windows XP or newer
● Processor: 1.3 GHz
● Memory: 512 MB RAM
● Storage: 4 GB available space


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