Dark Fable

Action Adventure Minigame Sports

Defeat four bright sorceresses to free your friends and avenge the evil desecration of your father's house in this arcade-style action game!

About Dark Fable

Five unique islands, valleys, magical forests and glassy seas, on each of which unfolds and epic battle with a sorceress. Defeat four bright sorceresses, free your friends and crush Tir-na-Nog, avenge the evil desecration of your father's house. With the help of the magic board, you can make raids on the shaky islands without any harm to yourself, and after a successful siege, take the sorceress captive, turning her into a servant and locking her away in a castle.

Storyline: The bright sorceresses found the house of “Little Evil” and remade it to their liking, turning it into a magical garden. The Little Evil saved the house steward, and for 33 years the Evil grew stronger, dreaming of revenge. Now, having become a true dark lord, the Evil has found its offenders and it is your objective is to aid him in his quest for vengeance.

The game is a magical duel, by functionality similar to Air Hockey.
Charming locations where battles take place.
The castle of the ruler grows with each victory, each defeated sorceress is given a separate room.
Each sorceress has her own skills, as well as her own roles once she is locked away in the castle.
To win, you have to defeat the four sorceresses and their princess.
Each character has a unique style of play.
After two victories, each island is besieged by the dark lord, displaying a unique defense system.
Each sorceress has her own revenge scenario

Key Features

• 5+1 Battle Locations
• 5 Castle Location (settle succubi)
• 6 Unique Girls & 5 Chibi Girls
• 10+ Uncensored Scenes +5 Chibi Scenes (in Hall of Fame)
• Small skill development system
• Two difficulty levels - Simple and Hard (hard for crazy gamer :-) )
• No DRM

Game Information

System Requirements

Windows System Requirement:
OS: Windows 7 or above
Memory: 4Gb RAM
Graphics: 1Gb graphics
DirectX: Version 9.0c or above
Storage: 850MB HD space