Crawlco Block Knockers

Action Adventure Puzzle

A Box-Bopping Revolution!

About Crawlco Block Knockers

A Box-Bopping Revolution!

It’s a normal day for a new worker at the Crawlco Warehouse, but as he pulls and kicks the blocks into position for shipment, images of women begin to appear before him! Are they real or illusion? What’s causing them? And what’s inside those boxes, anyway?
Crawlco Block Knockers is made in the style of sleazy “reveal the image” Japanese arcade games, with new mechanics and satisfying gameplay. Reveal the image by Pulling or Kicking blocks into matching positions, or Crush enemies with them for rapid clears and score boosts.. Just be careful not to get blocked in yourself!

Customize your experience with various censor modes (including a hotkey toggle to keep the content safe from prying eyes!), multiple block colors and patterns for improved visibility, and an option to turn off enemies for a more casual puzzle-oriented game mode. Battle dangerous bosses, or earn gold stars in the main game stages to allow you to skip ‘em instead!

Key Features

● Unique puzzle gameplay
● 9 girls with 3 CGs each, all in different poses. Each pose creates a different puzzle layout!
● Incredible synthwave soundtrack by OSC
● Challenging boss encounters
● Option to turn off enemies for pure “puzzle” mode
● Hotkey toggle for various censor modes
● No DRM!
● A supportive boss and work environment w/ health care + benefits

Game Information

System Requirements

Windows System Requirement
OS: Windows 7+
Processor: 1.2ghz
Memory: 4 MB RAM
Graphics: 512MB Video Memory
DirectX: Version 10
Storage: 400mb available space