Brave Soul

Action Adventure Action RPG JRPG

Courage is second nature to the bravest of souls...

About Brave Soul

Raised in the countryside of the Valencian province, Rudy is abruptly abandoned by his father and forced to survive on his own. Before long, he sets out to become a skilled adventurer.
Playing as Rudy in this action filled RPG game, it falls to you to claw your way to the top as you set out to become the best hunter and mercenary.

Throughout your life, you have dreamed of an enchanting girl who appears in your slumber whenever the moon is full. As you come across Alicia early on in your journey, you are taken aback by her resemblance to the mystical moon Goddess of your dreams. She, along with Shell the dragon, become your travel companions and every day brings new adventures and challenges.

There are other girls who can also join your team. Each one brings a different adventure and outcome to your story. The guild mission system will allow you to pick your battles and advance further. You will hone your skills as you fight your way out of dungeons and choose your weapons wisely as you face off with a monster.

A pulse-racing universe awaits your brave soul as you become as fiercer than all others!

Key Features

• Multiple Endings
• Hentai imagery
• Catgirl characters
• Fantasy themes
• NSFW patch

News and Updates

Compatibility Update
05/25/2016 12:57PM

Having problems starting Brave Soul?

There is an issue where the game will not start if you have spaces " " or periods "." in the root file folder name (the first folder) for Brave Souls. Please remove these characters from the file name.

Once this has been done, run Brave Soul in XP compatibility mode to get the opening movie to play correctly. Also, run the game in windowed mode (If you run the game in full screen mode, the game may crash after the opening movie finishes).

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Game Information

System Requirements

Windows System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP or better, 512MB Ram

Game Size: 546 MB