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Booty Farm

Publisher: Tender Troupe

Developer: Tender Troupe

Summary of Game

You are a playboy who just inherited his uncle’s old and rusty farm, and your first thought is to sell it and go back to your urban dating games. But then you meet Mindy, the sexy farmgirl and your new assistant. Mindy tells you that there is a shortage of men in the village and that the girls are very lonely, and it takes very little “persuasion” for you to accept to stay. This could be a great opportunity to earn some cash and meet and fuck new interesting girls. It’s time to get your hands dirty, farmboy!

Key Features

● 13+ Unique Girls to meet and explore their stories
● 200+ Uncensored sex scenes and animations
● Monthly events
● Multiple choice conversation system
● Visual Novel style interactions
● Complex production line system with over 100 elements to manage
● 4 ways to distribute goods
Booty Farm
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Game Information
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    45.55 mb
  • Release Date:
    December 14, 2018
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