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Summary of Game

Meet the Boys of Blush Blush!

In Blush Blush: Uncut, your fun and flirty adventure takes a turn for the "wurst". (Get it? Like 'bratwurst'? It's a penis joke..)

After a magical accident that's largely your fault, a herd of hawt steamy guys have been transformed into animals. Only your love can break the curse!

You'll need to track down each of these Man-imals, earn their trust, throw in a little seduction, and voila! The curse is broken, with each guy wanting to show their appreciation with passionate love making. Like you do!

It's Frog Prince meets Brazzers - so pick your favorite outfit, work your stats and jobs, and prepare to take a pig on a roller coaster. Oh, and you might want to bring a towel.

Blush Blush is an Idle game, which means you're always making progress, even while you're away. It's a great way to spend a few minutes at a time (or longer, if you can last…)

So fall in love and save the day - only in Blush Blush!

Key Features

Developer: Sad Panda Studios

Blush Blush: Uncut is a free-to-play Idle dating game where you rescue a cast of hawt steamy guys from a terrible fate by meeting them, dating them, and falling in love. Sex helps a lot too.

A cast of 10 gorgeous guys, complete with outfits and saucy 'pin-up' cut scenes. With more on the way!
A fun harem-style story where you need to juggle your dozen boy friends in order to save the day
A "Time Block" system that lets you pick what stats or jobs you want to work on, even while you're away from the game.
A "Phone Fling" chat feature that lets you meet even more guys and work your magic and unlock nude pics.
Super casual and oddly-addictive gameplay that unfolds the story day by day
All the penises!

Blush Blush is free-to-play, with microtransactions if you want to boost your progress or get to the 'good stuff' faster. All players earn the game's diamond currency just by playing.

During the grand opening of the city's new zoo, you mistakenly hand out water that's been cursed with dark magic! As a result, all of the zoo's customers have been turned into animals!

Luckily, all of the customers were sexy boys, and the best way to break the curse is with the power of love. Making friends will get them most of the way there (with maybe an extra tail), but to truly free them, things are going to get spicy. And sweaty.

So work those jobs, raise your stats, and search the city for some oddly talkative animals to begin your quest. You can also take a break from questing by striking up a conversation with other sexy boys on your phone, and unlocking even more sexy pics and confessions. This game will have you blushing by the end for sure!

Check out Blush Blush: Uncut right now, because you deserve a fun and flirty experience with cute anime boys with a heavy sprinkling of erotica and sexy nude. There's an angsty boy that turns into a wolf. Come on. Do it.
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    January 05, 2020
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