About Fap CEO

Climb the corporate ladder by buying, selling, hiring and building up to more and more extravagant studios, in a race to become the best video-chat studio ever made.
Be the boss! Hire sexy girls to work for your studio and get the hard cash rolling in. Get to know them, and they'll fall straight onto your cock!
Who said business and pleasure don't mix?

Key Features

- Hire different girls with unique personalities and learn their story. Talk to them and get exclusive uncensored hentai content.
- Level-up your girls to help them make more cash for you. Capitalize on their arousal and get rich by turning them on.
- Once you max out, sell your company and start over, bigger and better. Unlock even more girls every time you sell.
- Decorate your CEO office with eccentric and unique items, all with their own added benefits.
- Customize your experience with new skills and perks.
- Collect sexy pictures from the girls and fuck them in all the ways you can imagine!

News and Updates

1-YEAR ANNIVERSARY - BEACH PARTY 3/4 - Delilah's Oral Delights
08/19/2019 04:33AM

Hi CEOs!

Delilah's Oral Delights event is now LIVE!
00:00 UTC, 15th of August - 00:00 UTC, 25th of August

- 4 new animations, 5 new exclusive Beach Party outfits!
- Delilah's Delights chest opens every 120 minutes. Click on it repeteadly to open it up and gain Gold Bangles!
- Use Gold Bangles to get 30 seconds with Delilah. Click her! Every click has a chance for time skips, keys, boosters or more Gold Bangles!
- Use multiple Gold Bangles at a time to increase your clicking power and get to the next tier faster!
- Tier rewards:
- Tier 1: Delilah Animation, 2x Multiplier, Puzzle Piece, Summertime Dita
- Tier 2: Delilah Animation, 3x Multiplier, Puzzle Piece, Summertime Amber
- Tier 3: Delilah Animation, 4x Multiplier, Puzzle Piece, Summertime Charlotte
- Tier 4: Delilah Animation, 5x Multiplier, Puzzle Piece, Summertime Laura


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08/01/2019 11:49AM

Welcome to the beach!

Fap CEO turns 1 year old! This means that it's time for some Anniversary extravaganza, with a bunch of juicy prizes and treats! August is Anniversary Month and the CEO and all the girls are on the beach enjoying the sun, the heat and.. eachother! 12 new panorama photos, 24 new outfits, 1 new background, 8 new animations and MORE in the hottest month yet! It all starts with Ayumi's Playground on the 1st of August and goes through 4 different interlocking events (PLUS Gains Week) until the 2nd of September. This is not for the faint of heart! Have fun and enjoy the girls!

Thanks, FAP CEO Team!

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Happy Nutaku days!
01/24/2019 11:39AM

Nutaku turns 4! Happy birthday! Gains Week event is now live! Win prizes by spending tickets and shuffling the board. Once you collect all the PRIZE letters, you can claim special rewards! Have fun!
G-Weeks are repeating events. If you miss out this month, you'll get a chance to try again next month. All progress, items and tickets carry to next month.

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Game Information

  • Platforms:
  •  Android
  • Version:
  •  918
  • Size:
  •  5.3MB
  • Languages:
  • English , Español , Français , Deutsch
  • Release Date:
  •  September 5, 2018
  • Publisher:
  •  Nutaku Publishing
  • Developer:
  •  BoomBox Games

System Requirements

Android 6.0 or above