Boobs for Bullets

Excuses, excuses! May the public fret no more! Nutaku will fund the removal of guns from popular video games and replace them with nudity

The Boobs for Bullets initiative is Nutaku’s response to accusations that the gaming industry is responsible for the gun violence epidemic in America. To spread the love, Nutaku will fund game developers to remove guns and bullets from their gaming titles and replace them with boobs! That’s right, what could be less threatening? Through this loving endeavor, we hope to eliminate these excuses placing blame on our beloved industry, and make some friends along the way!

How can you get involved? Vote for your favorite game! The developer behind the title with the most votes will receive a funding offer from Nutaku. Once accepted, Nutaku will host the game on their 18+ platform with zero risk to the developer, plus marketing assistance to boot!

Voting now ended!

The winning game has been chosen by you!

Please stay tuned as we contact the winning game to help them create an adult version of their title.

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