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Sacred Sword Princesses: Wield Your Power, Unleash Your Destiny

Nutaku’s first ever Downloadable Free-to-Play Game to feature top notch quality, stunning visuals and more fluid gameplay

MONTREAL – March 15, 2018 – Nutaku will be releasing its first ever Downloadable Free-to-Play game, Sacred Sword Princesses , supported on multiplatform. This action-adventure RPG is set out to feature top notch quality and stunning visuals along with smoother and more fluid gameplay. Available on both Android OS and PC, players will be able to start their quest from anywhere they please. Here’s an exclusive freebie alert: pre-registrations have already begun and gamers can sign up to receive exclusive updates and rewards such as “600 Diamonds”- but they must pre-register before the official launch of the game!

Inspired by Empire of Angels, Sacred Sword Princesses will have gamers indulging in a grand and epic fantasy that offers complex emotional stories- hand in hand with a fascinatingly expansive setting. Create your own squad, uncover sultry scenes, and save the land of Midgardia from its impending doom!

About Sacred Sword Princesses:
Midgardia is a magnificent land created by the Moon Goddess, Mani, and is solely inhabited by women. Night Mistress Nox also rules over the realm, alongside Mani. Together, Mani and Nox strive to preserve the kingdom’s peace and harmony. Suddenly, Mani is blindsided when Nox betrays her and starts spreading “The Taint” in hopes of ruling over the land of Midgardia. Unable to fight this force of evil on her own, the Goddess of Moon has summoned you to this land. Serve Mani by assisting her in reclaiming the land of Midgardia with the help of your sexy troops!

Embark on story driven quests to save Midgardia as you uncover its mysteries. Learn more about your squad members and get intimate with them as you unlock their Harem episodes. You can develop your squad members by leveling up, ranking up, and activating talent grids. Make sure to gear up with set equipment, treasures, character shards, and other collectibles. This is one mission you don’t want to back down from.