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Users can now fully navigate the world’s largest 18+ gaming platform in 7 different languages, while experiencing localized gameplay in the sites top games

MONTREAL, November 2, 2018 – Today,, the 18+ gaming portal with over 115 million visits per month, has announced expansion by offering tailored gaming experiences in six new, major languages - Spanish, French, German, Polish, Chinese, and Japanese, in addition to English. This new localization initiative by Nutaku shows the site’s dedication to being a leader in the online gaming industry, following suit from competitors, Steam and Kongregate.

Ranking among the top 500 websites in the world, is committed to delivering high quality, adult gaming experiences by ensuring that the platform is meeting the needs of an increasingly global fan base of adult gamers. In 2015, the site saw 1M registered users, and has since grown to over 20M registered users reigning from different parts of the world, with a substantial growth in players located in Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

“With the localization, users can fully navigate the platform in 7 new languages, and also experience localized gameplay in some of their favorite games by changing the language in the games’ settings.” Says Julie Hall, Communications Manager at Nutaku. “We are elated to finally announce our localization, we feel this initiative will give our platform a competitive edge, as we’re now able to cater to an increasingly global audience. These next few months will be spent optimizing our localization to ensure the best gaming experience possible for our players, as we continue to grow”.

Some of the top adult games in each language are as follows:


  1. Harem Heroes
  2. Attack on Moe H
  3. Taimanin Asagi-Battle

Spanish, German, and French:

  1. Harem Heroes
  2. Fap CEO
  3. Pussy Saga


  1. Fake Lay
  2. Sweet State


  1. Pussy Saga
  2. FAP Titans


  1. Harem Heroes
  2. Pussy Saga
  3. Fake Lay

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